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A Workbook in Phonology

A Workbook in Phonology

Iggy Roca, Wyn Johnson

ISBN: 978-0-631-21394-9

Oct 1999

160 pages

Select type: Paperback

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As an accompanying volume to A Course in Phonology or as a separate text, this book provides the user with a wealth of exercises in phonology covering a range of topics, including optimality theory, in a concise and accessible form.

Part I: Phonetics.

Part II: Foundations of Phonology.

Part III: Syllables.

Part IV: Stress.

Part V: Tone.

Part VI: The Interaction Between Phonology and Morphology.

Part VII: Phonological Domains.

Part VIII: Aspects of Lexical Representation: Feature Geometry and Underspecification.

Part IX: Derivational Theory.

Part X: Optimality Theory.


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Correspondences with A Course in Phonology.

* Covers Optimality Theory.
* Easy to use, comprehensive, and self-contained.
* Can be used in conjunction with other teaching books, or by itself.
* Concise yet accessible to students and teachers alike.