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A - Z of Medical Writing



A - Z of Medical Writing

Tim Albert

ISBN: 978-0-727-91487-3 April 2000 BMJ Books 156 Pages


The purpose of this book is to help doctors and other health professionals with their writing problems. It consists of several hundred topics, from the process of writing to authorship, and from the use of semi-colons to the law of late literals. These are arranged alphabetically, with extensive cross referencing and, where appropriate, lists of books that the author has read and recommends. The book will provide concise, practical information about how to tackle any form of writing required of health care professionals.
"To conclude, having this volume to hand is essential if you want to revise your writing skills in those idle moments and be amused at the same time." (Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal, December 2010)

- Easy to use with easy reference

- Covers every type of medical writing succinctly and practically

- Written by a well known, experienced trainer and writer in the health profession

- Combines sensible and practical advice with some controversial and entertaining views

- Nothing else on the market in similar format