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AARP Excel 2010 For Dummies, Mini Edition

AARP Excel 2010 For Dummies, Mini Edition

Greg Harvey

ISBN: 978-1-118-24201-8

Nov 2011

64 pages

Select type: E-Book


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Crunch numbers the easy way with Excel 2010

This handy mini guide is packed with the information you need to become a spreadsheet superstar! You’ll learn to find your way around Excel 2010, enter data on a worksheet, create simple formulas, format cells, preview and print pages, and more. Whether you’re new to Excel 2010 or new to Excel altogether, the basics are all here.

Open the book and find:

  • Ten cool Excel 2010 features
  • How to navigate the Ribbon
  • A guide to formatting cells
  • Where to turn for online help
  • How to make your spreadsheets look the way you want
Introduction 1

About This Book 1

Conventions Used in This Book 2

Icons Used in This Book 2

Part I: The Excel 2010 User Experience 3

Excel's Ribbon User Interface 4

Going Backstage via File 6

Bragging about the Ribbon 7

Having fun with the Formula bar 9

What to do in the Worksheet area 10

Launching and Quitting Excel 12

Help Is on the Way 12

Top Ten Features in Excel 2010 14

Part II: Creating and Editing Spreadsheets 19

Doing the Data-Entry Thing 20

It Takes All Types21

The telltale signs of text 22

How Excel evaluates its values 24

Fabricating those fabulous formulas! 25

Fill ’er Up with AutoFill 28

Choosing a Select Group of Cells 30

Point-and-click cell selections 31

Keyboard cell selections 32

Formatting Cells 33

Having fun with the Format as Table Gallery 33

Cell formatting from the Home tab 35

Adjusting Rows and Columns 38

Adjusting column width manually 39

Adjusting row height manually 40

Making Sure That the Data Is Safe and Sound 41

Part III: Previewing and Printing 43

Taking a Gander at the Pages in Page Layout View 43

Checking and Printing a Report from the Print Panel 45

My Page Was Set Up! 47

Using the buttons in the Page Setup group 48

Using the buttons in the Scale to Fit group 49

Using the buttons in the Sheet Options group 49

From Header to Footer 50

Adding an Auto Header or Auto Footer 51

Creating a custom header or footer 53

Solving Page Break Problems 53