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ABC of Child Protection, 4th Edition

ABC of Child Protection, 4th Edition

Sir Roy Meadow, Jacqueline Mok, Donna Rosenberg

ISBN: 978-1-444-31267-6

Apr 2009

120 pages

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The fourth edition of this important and highly praised guide has been substantially revised and updated, providing concise, practical information on a difficult and distressing area of paediatric medicine. This new edition of the ABC of Child Protection now includes additional chapters on abdominal injury, neglect and failure to thrive. It presents the latest information on the diagnosis and investigation of abuse, and explains the current roles of social services and the law in safeguarding children.

Written by leading paediatricians, psychiatrists, social workers and lawyers, this comprehensive book is an invaluable reference for professionals concerned with children’s welfare, including general practitioners, emergency staff, paediatricians, police surgeons, psychiatrists, health visitors, social workers, and lawyers.

Contributors vii

Preface ix

1 Child Abuse in Society 1
Roy Meadow

2 Non-accidental Injury: The Approach 5
Alison Kemp Jacqueline Mok

3 Bruises 7
Alison Kemp Jacqueline Mok

4 Burns and Scalds 11
Christopher Hobbs

5 Fractures 16
Stephen Chapman

6 Head Injuries 20
Alison Kemp Jacqueline Mok

7 Ophthalmic Presentations 26
Alex V Levin

8 Visceral Injury 30
Russell Migita Kenneth Feldman

9 Poisoning 35
Roy Meadow

10 Fatal Abuse and Smothering 38
Roy Meadow

11 Child Sexual Abuse: The Problem 42
Christopher Hobbs

12 Child Sexual Abuse: Clinical Approach 47
Christopher Hobbs

13 Child Sexual Abuse: Interpretation of Findings 53
Donna Rosenberg Jacqueline Mok

14 Non-organic Failure to Thrive 56
Donna Rosenberg

15 Neglect 60
Donna Rosenberg Hendrika Cantwell

16 Emotional Abuse 64
Danya Glaser

17 Fabricated or Induced Illness (Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy) 67
Roy Meadow

18 Role of the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Team 71
Fiona Forbes

19 Medical Reports 74
Roy Meadow

20 Social Workers and Child Protection 78
Michael Preston-Shoot

21 Case Conferences 83
Michael Preston-Shoot

22 Child Care Law 87
Barbara Mitchels

23 About Courts 93
Barbara Mitchels

24 Dilemmas 98
Roy Meadow

Index 103

Reviews of previous editions:

“This is an excellent book; it gives clear guidance to professionals. If you are concerned about child abuse and its detection, then you must get this book.”

Australian Journal of Emergency Care

“Essential reading for all junior staff, health visitors, and social workers.”

Journal of Clinical Forensic Medicine

Revised edition including latest changes in UK law

  • Highlights non-recognition, diagnosis and treatment of children experiencing abuse
  • Third of the chapters are new including abdominal injuries, shaken babies, and non-organic failure to thrive - one of the most common presentations of neglect
  • Covers many new developments in the subject such as diagnosis of visceral injury