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ABC of Intensive Care, 2nd Edition

ABC of Intensive Care, 2nd Edition

Graham R. Nimmo (Editor), Mervyn Singer (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-444-34520-9

Aug 2011, BMJ Books

88 pages



This new and updated edition is a practical guide to intensive care for the non-specialist, providing the core knowledge and principles of intensive care patient management.

From general principles through to critical care outreach and end of life care, it covers best practice management in the intensive care unit. It includes the key organ system support as well as monitoring, sepsis, brain-stem death, and nutrition in intensive care. There is also full coverage of organ donation.

This invaluable resource is highly illustrated in colour throughout with new images, references to key evidence, and further reading and resources in each chapter. It is ideal for junior doctors, medical students and specialist nurses working in an acute hospital setting and the ICU and neonatal ICU, and for anyone involved in the management and care of intensive care patients.

Endorsed by the Intensive Care Society (UK) and the Scottish Intensive Care Society.

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Contributors vii

Preface ix

Foreword xi

1 General Principles of Intensive Care Management 1
Anna Batchelor and Peter Nightingale

2 Communication and Decision-Making in Intensive Care 4
Martin Hughes and Graham R. Nimmo

3 Monitoring 8
James Haslam Jonathan Ball Andy Rhodes and Peter MacNaughton

4 Sedation 12
Tim Walsh

5 Pathophysiology of Organ Failure 18
Charles Hinds and Mervyn Singer

6 Severe Sepsis 24
Michael Gillies and Duncan Wyncoll

7 Respiratory Support 29
Simon Baudouin and Timothy W. Evans

8 Cardiovascular Support 35
Neil Soni and David Watson

9 Renal Failure 41
Liam Plant and Alasdair Short

10 Neurological Support 46
Peter J. D. Andrews

11 Liver Support 51
Julia Wendon and Chris Holland

12 Gastrointestinal Support 56
Saif Al Musa and Tony M. Rahman

13 Nutrition in the ICU 62
Marcia McDougall

14 Critical Care Outreach 66
Mandy Odell and Sheila Adam

15 End-of-Life Care 71
Ben Shippey and Bob Winter

Index 74

“This is clearly an update from the first edition. With its effective writing style, this book provides readers a workable introduction in a brief amount of time.”  (Doody’s, 23 March 2012)

"This is an informative book especially for medical students and graduates, younger doctors and specialist nurses working in the intensive care units of medical centers. It provides core knowledge about critical-care patient management. It is a well organized book that makes for easy learning." (Biz India, 3 February 2012)