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ABC of Sexual Health, 3rd Edition

Kevan R. Wylie (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66561-9 April 2015 BMJ Books 144 Pages


ABC of Sexual Health provides a comprehensive overview of this important, but difficult subject and includes reading resources as well as information on professional societies, patient groups and online resources.

Fully revised and expanded to cover a range of new content and topics including psychological, urological, gynaecological, endocrinological and psychiatric aspects of sexual health, the effects of medication, sexual dysfunction, sexual orientation, gender identity, paraphilias, forensic sexology, dermatoses, and psychosexual therapy and education.

ABC of Sexual Health is a practical guide for all general practitioners, family physicians, trainees and medical students wanting to improve communicating, examining and managing patients with sexual health problems.

Series Foreword vii

Contributors ix

1 Psychosexual Development 1
Brian Daines

2 Physical Aspects of Sexual Development 4
Woet L. Gianotten

3 Anatomy and Physiology in the Male 7
Roy J Levin

4 Anatomy and Physiology in the Female 12
Roy J Levin

5 The Sexual History and Formulation 16
Julie A. Fitter

6 The Clinical Examination of Men and Women 21
David Goldmeier

7 Male Dermatoses 24
Manu Shah and Chris Bunker

8 Female Dermatoses 30
Ruth Murphy

9 Investigation and Management of Endocrine Disorders Affecting Sexuality 34
T. Hugh Jones

10 Investigations in Sexual Medicine for Women and Men with Sexual Health Problems 38
Irwin Goldstein and KevanWylie

11 Definition and Diagnosis of Sexual Problems 43
Johannes Bitzer

12 Psychiatric Disorders and Sexuality (Including Trauma and Abuse) 47
Richard Balon

13 Medication and Sexual Dysfunction 51
John Dean

14 Problems of Sexual Desire in Men 55
Yacov Reisman and Francesca Tripodi

15 Problems of Sexual Desire and Arousal in Women 59
Lori A. Brotto and Ellen T.M. Laan

16 Erectile Dysfunction 68
Geoffrey Hackett

17 Problems of Ejaculation and Orgasm in the Male 73
Marcel D. Waldinger

18 Problems of Orgasm in the Female 77
Sharon J. Parish

19 Sexual Pain Disorders–Male and Female 81
Melissa A. Farmer, Seth Davis and Yitzchak M. Binik

20 Ageing and Sexuality 86
Alison K.Wood and Ross Runciman

21 Paraphilia Behaviour and Disorders 90

22 Impulsive/Compulsive Sexual Behaviour 93
Eli Coleman

23 Forensic Sexology 96
Don Grubin

24 Ethnic and Cultural Aspects of Sexuality 101
Sara Nasserzadeh

25 Concerns Arising from Sexual Orientation, Practices and Behaviours 104
Dominic Davies

26 Gender Dysphoria and Transgender Health 108
Lin Fraser and Gail A. Knudson

27 Psychosexual Therapy and Couples Therapy 112
Trudy Hannington

28 Bibliotherapy and Internet-based Programmes for Sexual Problems 118
Jacques van Lankveld and Fraukje E.F. Mevissen

29 Sexual Pleasure 121
Sue Newsome

Index 125