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ABC of Subfertility

ABC of Subfertility

ISBN: 978-0-727-91534-4

Feb 2004, BMJ Books

64 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Written by a team of infertility experts, this guide addresses the complex subject of subfertility. It begins with diagnosis in the male and female before presenting advice on all forms of assisted conception as well as counselling help with treatment decisions.
1 Extent of the problem.

2 Making a diagnosis.

3 Anovulation.

4 Tubal infertility.

5 Male subfertility.

6 Unexplained infertility, endometriosis, and fibroids.

7 Assisted conception I: general principles.

8 Assisted conception II: IVF and ICSI.

9 Assisted conception III: problems with assisted conception.

10 Assisted conception and the law in the United Kingdom.

11 Counselling.

12 Intractable infertility.

13 Further advances and uses of assisted conception technology

  • Addresses the complex subject of subfertility

  • Explains diagnosis in the male and female

  • Offers a range of advice on all forms of assisted conception

  • Includes information on counselling help with treatment decisions