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ACA Ethical Standards Casebook, 7th Edition



ACA Ethical Standards Casebook, 7th Edition

Barbara Herlihy, Gerald Corey

ISBN: 978-1-119-02538-2 November 2014 337 Pages


“This practical guide is ideal both for teaching future members of the profession about their ethical responsibilities and for reinforcing ethical competence among current professionals. We strongly recommend this book.”


Jeffrey E. Barnett, PsyD, ABPP                                                   W. Brad Johnson, PhD

Loyola University Maryland                                                         United States Naval Academy

Coauthors, Ethics Desk Reference for Counselors, 2nd Edition


“Herlihy and Corey’s text boosts the reader’s ethical understanding leaps and bounds above mere reading of the ACA Code of Ethics. With multifaceted case study examples and an integrated approach to tackling ethical dilemmas, this book is a must-read for students, counselors, counselor educators, and supervisors.”


Shannon Hodges, PhD                                                                   Michael Knight

Niagara University                                                                           Graduate Student, Niagara University

ACA Ethics Revision Task Force Member



The seventh edition of this top-selling text provides a comprehensive resource for understanding the 2014 ACA Code of Ethics and applying its principles to daily practice. Each individual standard of the Code is presented with an explanatory case vignette, and a Study and Discussion Guide is provided at the beginning of each major section of the Code to stimulate thought and discussion. Common ethical concerns, with instructive case studies, are then explored in individual chapters. Topics addressed include client rights and informed consent, social justice and counseling across cultures, confidentiality, counselor competence, working with minor clients, managing boundaries, client harm to self or others, counselor training and supervision, research and publication, and the intersection of ethics and law. Chapters new to this edition examine managing value conflicts and the issues surrounding new technology, social media, and online counseling. The Casebook also contains an Inventory of Attitudes and Beliefs About Ethical Issues to assist counselors in developing a personal ethical stance.

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Acknowledgments ix

About the Authors xi

About the Contributors xiii

Making the Best Use of the Casebook xvii

Part I Introduction 1

Evolution of the ACA Ethical Standards and the Casebook 4
Perry C. Francis

Foundations of Codes of Ethics 12
Barbara Herlihy and Gerald Corey

Developing a Personal Ethical Stance 15

The Ethical Decision-Making Process 15

A Review of Ethical Decision-Making Models 16
Melissa D. Deroche, Emeline Eckart, Earniesha Lott, Candace N. Park, and Latrina Raddler

Elements of Ethical Decision Making 20
Barbara Herlihy and Gerald Corey

Enforcement of the ACA Code of Ethics 23

An Inventory of Your Attitudes and Beliefs About Ethical Issues 25

Part II ACA Code of Ethics With Illustrative Vignettes 33

Section A
The Counseling Relationship 37

Section B
Confidentiality and Privacy 55

Section C
Professional Responsibility 66

Section D
Relationships With Other Professionals 78

Section E
Evaluation, Assessment, and Interpretation 82

Section F
Supervision, Training, and Teaching 93

Section G
Research and Publication 114

Section H
Distance Counseling, Technology, and Social Media 125

Section I
Resolving Ethical Issues 133

Part III Issues and Case Studies 139

Chapter 1
Client Rights and Informed Consent 143
Gerald Corey and Barbara Herlihy

Case Study 1: Keep Kendra’s Secret, or Not? 147
Kelly L. Wester

Case Study 2: A Minor (?) Client 150
J. Scott Young

Chapter 2
Social Justice and Counseling Across Cultures 155
Courtland C. Lee

Case Study 3: She’s Done This Before 162
William B. McKibben and Jodi L. Bartley

Case Study 4: Working With an Immigrant Family 164
Laura M. Gonzalez

Chapter 3
Confidentiality 169
Barbara Herlihy and Gerald Corey

Case Study 5: The Slap—How to Best Help Hope 176
Chris C. Lauer

Case Study 6: A Supervisee Feels Betrayed 179
Adria Shipp

Chapter 4
Competence 183
Gerald Corey and Barbara Herlihy

Case Study 7: I Feel Exhausted 187
Isabel A. Thompson

Case Study 8: Couples Counseling Gone Wrong 189
Jennifer M. Johnson

Chapter 5
Managing Value Conflicts 193
Barbara Herlihy and Gerald Corey

Case Study 9: I’m Stuck 198
Anneliese A. Singh

Case Study 10: A Parental Dilemma: Hastening the Death of a Child 202
Karen Swanson Taheri

Chapter 6
Counseling Minor Clients 205
Mark Salo

Case Study 11: A Legal Guardian Presses for Confidential Information 207
Amanda Crawford

Case Study 12: A Pregnant Teenager: A School Counselor’s Quandary 211
Danielle Shareef

Chapter 7
Managing Boundaries 215
Gerald Corey and Barbara Herlihy

Case Study 13: Disputing Unhealthy Beliefs or Imposing Values? 223
Craig S. Cashwell and Tammy H. Cashwell

Case Study 14: If You Will Excuse Me 226
Matthew L. Lyons

Chapter 8
Working With Clients Who May Harm Themselves 231
James L. Werth Jr. and Jennifer Stroup

Case Study 15: Suicide or a Well-Reasoned End-of-Life Decision? 237
James L. Werth Jr. and Jennifer Stroup

Case Study 16: A Suicidal Teenager 240
Robert E. Wubbolding

Chapter 9
Technology, Social Media, and Online Counseling 245
Martin Jencius

Case Study 17: Making Social Media Decisions for an Agency 254
Martin Jencius

Case Study 18: A Client’s Friend Request 256
Martin Jencius

Chapter 10
Supervision and Counselor Education 259
Barbara Herlihy and Gerald Corey

Case Study 19: Poor Supervision or Impaired Student? 264
Edward Neukrug and Gina B. Polychronopoulos

Case Study 20: An Imposition of Values? 268
Alwin E. Wagener

Chapter 11
Research and Publication 273
Richard E. Watts

Case Study 21: Expert Review of a Research Study 275
Richard E. Watts

Case Study 22: A Question of Authorship 277
Richard E. Watts

Chapter 12
The Intersection of Ethics and Law 281
Burt Bertram and Anne Marie “Nancy” Wheeler

Case Study 23: A Student Commits Suicide 283
Burt Bertram and Anne Marie “Nancy” Wheeler

Case Study 24: Good Intentions Go Awry 286
Burt Bertram and Anne Marie “Nancy” Wheeler

Highlights of Ethical Practice 289

References 293

Index 303 See more American Counseling Association titles!