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ALS Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure Administration

ALS Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure Administration

Microsoft Official Academic Course

ISBN: 978-0-470-06582-2

Dec 2008

600 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Developed for academic courses, MICROSOFT® WINDOWS® 2000 NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE ADMINISTRATION helps students build the skills they need on the job and for MCP Exam 70-216—a core requirement on the Windows 2000 MCSE track. The textbook delivers Microsoft courseware adaptable for either a full 16-week semester or a 6-week, 8-week, or 10-week course. The book is filled with competency-based practice exercises that students complete on their own, while the companion lab manual features additional skill-building activities ideal for your classroom’s computer lab.

Along with the textbook and lab manual, students get a Student CD-ROM containing study aids, simulation video clips that demonstrate common procedures, an electronic version of the textbook, and detailed information on how to begin a career in Information Technology.

An Instructor CD-ROM containing a complete set of instructor support materials—including lecture outlines, teaching tips, PowerPoint slides, test banks, and an instructor lab manual—is also available.
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Chapter 1  Designing a Windows 2000 Network.

     Lesson 1: Network Services Overview.

     Lesson 2: Developing a Network Implementation Plan.

     Lesson 3: Common Protocols Supported by Windows 2000.

Chapter 2  Implementing TCP/I.P

     Lesson 1: TCP/IP Overview.

     Lesson 2: Internet Protocol Addressing.

     Lesson 3: Microsoft TCP/IP Installation and Configuration.

     Lesson 4: Basic Concepts of IP Routing.

Chapter 3  Implementing NWLink.

     Lesson 1: Introducing NWLink.

     Lesson 2: Using Gateway Service for NetWare.

     Lesson 3: Using Client Service for NetWare.

     Lesson 4: Installing and Configuring NWLink.

Chapter 4  Monitoring Network Activity.

     Lesson 1: Introducing Network Monitor.

     Lesson 2: Using Network Monitor.

     Lesson 3: Windows 2000 Administration Tools.

Chapter 5  Implementing IPSec.

     Lesson 1: Introducing and Enabling IPSec.

     Lesson 2: Configuring IPSec.

     Lesson 3: Customizing IPSec Policies and Rules.

     Lesson 4: Monitoring IPSec.

Chapter 6  Resolving Network Host Names.

     Lesson 1: TCP/IP Naming Schemes.

     Lesson 2: Host Names.

     Lesson 3: The Hosts File.

Chapter 7  Implementing Domain Name System (DNS.

     Lesson 1: Introducing DNS.

     Lesson 2: Name Resolution and DNS Files.

     Lesson 3: Planning a DNS Implementation.

     Lesson 4: Installing DNS.

     Lesson 5: Configuring DNS.

Chapter 8  Using Windows 2000 Domain Name Service.

     Lesson 1: Working with Zones.

     Lesson 2: Working with Servers.

Chapter 9  Implementing Windows Internet Name Service (WINS).

     Lesson 1: Introduction to WINS.

     Lesson 2: The WINS Resolution Process.

     Lesson 3: Implementing WINS.

     Lesson 4: Configuring WINS Replication.

Chapter 10  Implementing Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).

     Lesson 1: Introducing and Installing DHCP.

     Lesson 2: Configuring DHCP.

     Lesson 3: Integrating DHCP with Naming Services.

     Lesson 4: Using DHCP with Active Directory.

     Lesson 5: Troubleshooting DHCP.

Chapter 11  Providing Your Clients Remote Access Service (RAS).

     Lesson 1: Introducing Remote Access Service.

     Lesson 2: Configuring a Routing and Remote Access Server.

     Lesson 3: Implementing IP Routing on a Remote Access Server.

     Lesson 4: Supporting Virtual Private Networks.

     Lesson 5: Supporting Multilink Connections.

     Lesson 6: Using Routing and Remote Access with DHCP.

     Lesson 7: Managing and Monitoring Remote Access.

Chapter 12  Supporting Network Address Translation (NAT).

     Lesson 1: Introducing NAT.

     Lesson 2: Installing Internet Connection Sharing.

     Lesson 3: Installing and Configuring NAT.

Chapter 13  Implementing Certificate Services.

     Lesson 1: Introducing Certificates.

     Lesson 2: Installing and Configuring Certificate Authority.

     Lesson 3: Managing Certificates.

Chapter 14  Implementing Enterprise-Wide Network Security.

     Lesson 1: Implementing Network Security.

     Lesson 2: Configuring Routing and Remote Access Security.

     Lesson 3: Monitoring Security Events.

Appendix A  Questions and Answers.



  • Competency Based: Emphasizes learning by doing. The book contains exercises designed to give students plenty of opportunity to practice the skills needed to set up a secure and reliable network infrastructure. Included in the book is a 120-Day Evaluation copy of Windows 2000 Server that enables the student to install the software on a home PC to complete the in-text exercises. A lab manual with exercises designed for networked classroom labs is shrink-wrapped with the book.
  • Complete Learning Program: Delivers everything the student needs to learn how to do the job and prepare for the MCP exam # 70-216. Written in a clear and straightforward manner, the textbook contains numerous learning aids designed to help the student master the material:
  • Tips explaining possible results or alternative methods
  • Important notations with information that is essential to completing a task
  • Notes containing supplemental information
  • Cautions containing warnings about potential problems to look out for
  • Complete Instructor Support Program: Instructor CD accompanies the book with a complete set of teaching aids:
  • Model Course Description
  • Alternate course syllabi
  • Lecture outlines imbedded with teaching tips and suggestions for using PowerPoint slides
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Course pre-test
  • Test bank containing true false, multiple choice, short answer and scenario based questions
  • On-line Instructor Resource Center containing all instructor aids, monthly teaching tip and ideas updates, a download center, links to major academic shows attended by Microsoft and a Microsoft technology in the news center
  • · Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Software A 120-Day evaluation copy of Microsoft Windows 2000 Server comes with the book. This CD allows the student to install Windows 2000 Server at home to practice the skills needed to do the job. Many instructors use this CD to support the course lab work.