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ASP.NET Professional Secrets

ASP.NET Professional Secrets

Bill Evjen, Thiru Thangarathinam, Bill Hatfield, Doug Seven, S. Srinivasa Sivakumar, Dave Wanta, Jason T. Roff

ISBN: 978-0-764-52628-2

Oct 2003

1200 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Go beyond the obvious and explore the secrets behind ASP.NET with this comprehensive guide. Leading authorities in the field expose the hidden functionality within the ASP.NET model, revealing everything from Web controls and screen scraping to configuration and versioning techniques. These expert tips and tricks will help you gain the skills you need to quickly develop your own practical ASP.NET applications.

The Insider's Guide to:
* Uploading Multiple Files from a Single Page (see Chapter 5)
* Double-Checking Client-Side Validation (see Chapter 9)
* Nesting User Controls (see Chapter 10)
* Using the Code-Behind Model with Notepad (see Chapter 12)
* Supporting Specific .NET Framework Versions (see Chapter 13)
* Debugging a SQL Server Stored Procedure from Visual Studio .NET (see Chapter 14)
* Streaming Attachments (see Chapter 18)
* Screen Scraping Using WSDL Documents and Proxy Classes (see Chapter 30)
* Integrating Mobile Emulators with Visual Studio .NET (see Chapter 33)

Part I: Starting the ASP.NET Journey.

Chapter 1: Introducing .NET and ASP.NET.

Chapter 2: Creating ASP.NET Applications with Visual Studio .NET.

Chapter 3: Using the ASP.NET Web Matrix Project.

Part II: Controls.

Chapter 4: The What, Where, When, Why, and How of Controls.

Chapter 5: Making HTML Server Controls Work for You.

Chapter 6: Basic Web Controls.

Chapter 7: Understanding List Web Controls.

Chapter 8: Manipulating Rich Web Controls.

Chapter 9: Taking Advantage of Validation Server Controls.

Chapter 10: User Controls: Building Reusable Pieces of Code.

Chapter 11: Building Custom Controls.

Part III: Applications as a Whole.

Chapter 12: An In-Depth Look at the .aspx Page.

Chapter 13: Understanding the Entire Application.

Chapter 14: Debugging ASP.NET Pages and Handling Exceptions.

Chapter 15: Controlling Security for Your ASP.NET Applications.

Chapter 16: Packaging and Deploying Your ASP.NET Applications.

Chapter 17: Interoperability.

Chapter 18: Networking: Understanding E-mail in .NET.

Chapter 19: Networking: Understanding File I/O in .NET.

Part IV: ASP.NET and Data.

Chapter 20: Understanding ADO.NET.

Chapter 21: Rendering and Data Binding with ADO.NET Objects.

Chapter 22: XML and ADO.NET.

Chapter 23: XML Namespaces.

Part V: Performance and Optimization.

Chapter 24: Configuring Your Applications.

Chapter 25: Applying Caching and Other Performance Enhancements.

Chapter 26: State Management Techniques and Their Consequences.

Part VI: XML Web Services.

Chapter 27: Understanding the Basics of XML Web Services.

Chapter 28: Building and Consuming XML Web Services.

Chapter 29: Taking XML Web Services One Step Farther.

Chapter 30: Getting What You Need by Screen Scraping.

Part VII: Mobile Development.

Chapter 31: Building Wireless Applications.

Chapter 32: Uncovering the Secrets of Mobile Controls.

Chapter 33: Advanced Techniques for Building Mobile Applications.

Appendix A: Language Lookup: Visual Basic .NET.

Appendix B: Language Lookup: C#.

Appendix C: ASP.NET Resources.


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