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ASVAB For Dummies, 12-Month Subscription Renewal

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ASVAB For Dummies, 12-Month Subscription Renewal

Rod Powers

ISBN: 978-1-118-63808-8 April 2013


  • Six ASVAB practice tests and one AFQT practice test to prepare you for test day
  • Detailed, answers and explanations for every question
  • 300 flashcards to improve your vocabulary
  • Track your progress, identify where you need more help, and create customized tests
  • Study what, where, and when you want
  • Details about ASVAB scoring requirements for hundreds of military jobs

Sharpen your test-taking skills, score higher on the ASVAB, and qualify for the military job you want

Want to ace the ASVAB? Your one-year, online subscription to ASVAB For Dummies offers seven test-taking opportunities to help you hone your skills and build your confidence. You'll have access to one AFQT practice test and six full-length ASVAB practice tests covering all nine test subjects.

A one-year subscription includes

  • Access to one AFQT and six ASVAB tests online — including answers and detailed explanations
  • More than 1,000 questions to create customized practice in the subjects you need to study the most and personalized reports that track your progress
  • A way to study what, where, and when you want