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Abnormal Psychology, 12th Edition International Student Version

Abnormal Psychology, 12th Edition International Student Version

Ann M. Kring, Sheri L. Johnson, Gerald C. Davison, John M. Neale

ISBN: 978-1-118-09241-5

Apr 2012

656 pages

Select type: Paperback


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The 12th edition of Abnormal Psychology continues to the provide readers with the opportunity to explore the latest theories and research in the field.

The text offers more emphasize on recent and comprehensive research coverage that has been the hallmark of the series.  While the writing across all the chapters has been streamlined to increase the clarity of presentation and to highlight the key issues in the field, several chapters have been expounded upon to provide greater understanding of the material provided. This edition emphasizes an integrated approach, showing how psychopathology is best understood by considering multiple perspectives, and how these varying perspectives can provide us with the clearest accounting of the causes of these disorders as well as the best possible treatments.


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Part One Introduction and Fundamental Issues

1 Introduction and Historical Overview 1

2 Current Paradigms in Psychopathology 29

3 Diagnosis and Assessment 62

4 Research Methods in Psychopathology 104

Part Two Psychological Disorders

5 Mood Disorders 131

6 Anxiety Disorders 174

7 Obsessive-Compulsive-Related and Trauma-Related Disorders 203

8 Dissociative Disorders and Somatic Symptom D isorders 226

9 Schizophrenia 252

10 Substance Use Disorders 287

11 Eating Disorders 333

12 Sexual Disorders 362

13 Disorders of Childhood 393

14 Late Life and Neurocognitive Disorders 443

15 Personality and Personality Disorders 465

16 Legal and Ethical Issues 493

Glossary G1

References R1

Quotation and Illustration credits Q1

Name Index N1

Subject Index S1

  • Significant new material correlated to the forthcoming Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5 (DSM-5), included in every chapter.
  • New Organization:   Material on treatments (previously chapter 16 in the 11th edition) has been integrated so that treatments are now covered alongside each disorder.  Also, the disorders chapters (Chapters 5-15) have been reorganized to better mirror the organization of DSM-5. 
  • Many new tables and figures throughout the book illustrate the similarities and differences between DSM-5 and previous diagnostic symptoms
  • Hundreds of updated references throughout the book
  • Many new figures, particularly more figures to carefully illustrate the genetics and brain networks involved in different disorders
  • New Clinical Cases throughout the chapters
  • Several additional “Focus on Discovery” boxes added to this edition
  • New material on culture and ethnicity and how it impacts the study of psychopathology and intervention.  This material has been added throughout the book, with significant material added in Chapters 2, 3, 9 and 10.

  • Balanced coverage throughout, with a blend of research with clinical applications
  • Comprehensive coverage of current research, theories and applications
  • Takes a problem-solving approach, by presenting students with the investigative process used by practicing clinicians and scientists
  • Employs a Multiple Paradigm Approach that shows how psychopathology is best understood by considering multiple perspectives, or paradigms when suggesting treatment options