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Abstract Convex Analysis

Abstract Convex Analysis

Ivan Singer

ISBN: 978-0-471-16015-1

Aug 1997

491 pages

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This book examines abstract convex analysis and presents the results of recent research, specifically on parametrizations of Minkowski type dualities and of conjugations of type Lau. It explains the main concepts through cases and detailed proofs.
Abstract Convexity of Elements of a Complete Lattice.

Abstract Convexity of Subsets of a Set.

Abstract Convexity of Functions on a Set.

Abstract Quasi-Convexity of Functions on a Set.

Dualities Between Complete Lattices.

Dualities Between Families of Subsets.

Dualities Between Sets of Functions.


v-Dualities and _|_-Dualities.

Abstract Subdifferentials.

Notes and Remarks.