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Access 2002 Desktop Developer's HandbookTM

Access 2002 Desktop Developer's HandbookTM

Paul Litwin, Ken Getz, Mike Gunderloy

ISBN: 978-0-782-14009-5

Oct 2001

1439 pages

Select type: Paperback

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The latest from internationally recognized Access authorities Litwin, Getz, and Gunderloy, Access 2002 Desktop Developer's Handbook offers complete coverage of every aspect of building Access applications for single users and small workgroups. Inside, you'll find scores of practical examples, carefully devised by the authors to illustrate effective, elegant solutions to real-world challenges.

Coverage includes
* Understanding the Access event model
* Using VBA class modules
* Applying sound database design principles
* Using Access SQL
* Controlling controls
* Using ActiveX Data Objects (ADO)
* Designing effective forms and reports
* Taking advantage of shared Office programmability
* Controlling your printer
* Using Access as an automation client and server
* Debugging and handling errors
* Optimizing your application
* Accessing DLLs and the Windows API
* Adding professional features offered by Access Wizards
* Building COM add-ins and MDA files
* Using Reddick VBA naming conventions

Chapter 1: What's New in Access 2002.

Chapter 2: The Access Event Model.

Chapter 3: Using VBA Class Modules.

Chapter 4: Database Design.

Chapter 5: Access SQL.

Chapter 6: ActiveX Data Objects.

Chapter 7: Controlling Controls.

Chapter 8: Topics in Form Design and Usage.

Chapter 9: Topics in Report Design.

Chapter 10: Controlling Your Printer.

Chapter 11: Shared Office Programmability.

Chapter 12: Using Access As an Automation Client.

Chapter 13: Access As an Automation Server.

Chapter 14: Error Handling and Debugging.

Chapter 15: Application Optimization.

Chapter 16: Accessing DLLs and the Windows API.

Chapter 17: Harnessing Wizard Magic.

Chapter 18: Building Add-Ins.

Appendix A: The Reddick VBA Naming Conventions, Version 7.

Appendix B: Data Access Objects.

Appendix C: Controlling Your Printer.


ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
Combined Errata,

Page 69

Third code snippet, For wksEach In should be 'For Each wks In'

Page 97

Fig 4.11 - Data in CustomerID column of tblOrder is wrong; should be 4, 23, 15,2, 23, 2 for Records 1 thru 6 respectively.

Page 195

Next to last Bullet, corrected line should read VBA objects including VBE, COMAddins, and References

Page 202

Connection Strings code, remove the blank line that crept in during editing.

Page 203

2nd Bullet, change User ID to Persist Security Info , to User ID to Extended Properties

Page 231

Code snippet in middle of page, should be rst.Options = adCmdStoredProc Or adAsyncExecute

Page 265

Under Using the Filter Property, 2nd line of code ahould have a trailing quote, rst.Filter = [Age] > 35

Page 340

bottom line.
varTestVariable = cboTestCombo(2, 3)
should read
varTestVariable = cboTestCombo.Column(2, 3)

Page 827

7th line of code, .ConvertToTable should be .ConvertToTable(vbTab)

Page 917

Para. at bottom of page, 1st line, adhHandleErr should be 'adhHandleError'

Page 935

The code that checks if the program is compiled in 'debug mode'
references the wrong constant (adhcFDebug instead of DEBUGGING).

The 6th line should read


Page 962

TABLE 15.2, in the last row of the table, the default value for SharedAsyncDelay should be 500