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Access 2007 Forms and Reports For Dummies

Access 2007 Forms and Reports For Dummies

Brian Underdahl, Darlene Underdahl

ISBN: 978-1-118-05076-7

Feb 2011

390 pages



Do you have tons and tons of data on your computer but you’re not quite sure how to make heads or tails of them—or even organize them? Are you using Access as spreadsheet rather than what it was really meant for? If you have trouble finding meaning in your data, then Access 2007 Forms & Reports for Dummies let you discover the wonders of this highly useful program.

This no-nonsense guide gets right down to business by showing you the easy way to use this powerful tool. It gets you started with selective, targeted queries; forms that improve efficiency; and reports that communicate—while sparing you of any fancy language. This hands-on guide features clear, concise instructions that show you how to:

  • Orient yourself with forms and reports
  • Create and modify queries
  • Build and edit forms
  • Design and update reports
  • Troubleshoot queries, forms, and reports
  • Make your forms useful
  • Add multiple tables to forms
  • Add finishing touches to reports

Thanks to the included references, Web sites, and informative tips, putting your data to good use has never been easier. You’ll even add some pizzazz to your reports with handy suggestions on ways to wow your viewers. With Access 2007 Forms & Reports for Dummies, you will be creating effective queries, forms, and reports in no time!

Introduction 1

Part I: Accessing Both Ends: Getting Data In and Info Out 7

Chapter 1: Getting to Know Forms and Reports 9

Chapter 2: Getting Started with Queries 23

Chapter 3: Creating Simple Forms 43

Chapter 4: Building Basic Reports 65

Part II: Creating Effective Queries 91

Chapter 5: Creating Multi-Table Queries 93

Chapter 6: Modifying Data with Queries 111

Chapter 7: Expanding Queries with SQL 131

Chapter 8: Dealing with Quarrelsome Queries 151

Part III: Building Really Useful Forms 171

Chapter 9: Building Better Forms by Using Controls 173

Chapter 10: Using Multiple Tables in Forms 193

Chapter 11: Fixing Form Faults 207

Part IV: Designing Great Reports 221

Chapter 12: Adding Fancy Touches to Reports 223

Chapter 13: Creating Reports That Summarize Data 245

Chapter 14: When Reports Go Wrong 263

Part V: Way Cool Advanced Queries, Forms, and Reports 273

Chapter 15: Tricks for Finding Data with Queries 275

Chapter 16: Tricks for Updating with Queries 291

Chapter 17: Killer Ways to Improve Forms 305

Chapter 18: Expert Methods for Sharing Reports 327

Chapter 19: Making Reports Look Better 339

Chapter 20: Adding Efficiency with Great Tools 353

Part VI: The Part of Tens 365

Chapter 21: Ten Great Access Sites Online 367

Chapter 22: Ten Things to Know about Queries (That Also Help You with Forms and Reports) 373

Index 377