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Access 2013 For Dummies

Laurie A. Ulrich, Ken Cook

ISBN: 978-1-118-51638-6 April 2013 456 Pages


The easy guide to Microsoft Access returns with updates on the latest version!

Microsoft Access allows you to store, organize, view, analyze, and share data; the new Access 2013 release enables you to build even more powerful, custom database solutions that integrate with the web and enterprise data sources. Access 2013 For Dummies covers all the new features of the latest version of Accessand serves as an ideal reference, combining the latest Access features with the basics of building usable databases. You'll learn how to create an app from the Welcome screen, get support for your desktop databases, and much more.

  • Includes coverage of all the new features of Access 2013, including the updated interface
  • Shows you how to create and share reports
  • Features special videos and materials created by the authors to help reinforce the lessons included in the book
  • Helps you build data analysis and interface tools for your specific needs
  • Offers plenty of techniques and tips for solving common problems

Access 2013 For Dummies provides you with access to the latest version of this database tool.

Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Started with Access 2013 9

Chapter 1: Access 2013 Basic Training 11

Chapter 2: Navigating the Access Workspace 33

Chapter 3: Database Basics 55

Part II: Setting the Table 73

Chapter 4: Table Tune Ups 75

Chapter 5: Remodeling Your Data 91

Chapter 6: Types, Masks, and Triggers 109

Part III: Data Management Mania 131

Chapter 7: A Form for All Reasons 133

Chapter 8: Importing and Exporting Data 147

Chapter 9: Automatic Data Editing 159

Chapter 10: Access and the Web 171

Part IV: Ask Your Data, and Ye Shall Receive Answers 193

Chapter 11: Finding, Filtering, and Sorting Your Data — Fast 195

Chapter 12: I Was Just Asking for Answers 211

Chapter 13: I Want These AND Those OR Them 237

Chapter 14: Number Crunching with the Total Row 245

Chapter 15: Express Yourself with Formulas 257

Chapter 16: Take Charge with Action Queries 271

Part V: Simple and Snazzy Reporting 281

Chapter 17: Fast and Furious Automatic Reporting 283

Chapter 18: Professionally Designed Reports Made Easy 305

Chapter 19: Headers and Footers and Groups, Oh My! 331

Chapter 20: Magical Mass Mailings 353

Part VI: More Power to You 361

Chapter 21: Analyze This! 363

Chapter 22: Steer Users in the Right Direction with Navigation Forms 375

Part VII: The Part of Tens 383

Chapter 23: Ten Common Problems 385

Chapter 24: Ten Uncommon Tips 397

Appendix: Getting Help 405

Index 413

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