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Accounting Best Practices, 6th Edition

Accounting Best Practices, 6th Edition

Steven M. Bragg

ISBN: 978-0-470-59111-6 January 2010 512 Pages




Praise for Accounting Best Practices Sixth Edition

"For a comprehensive, yet easy-to-read guide to fixing those all-too-common shortcomings in your accounting department, look no further than this excellent book. Steve Bragg provides hundreds of fixes, many of them requiring surprisingly little time or cost while providing a handy guide to common implementation pitfalls . . . I would recommend this invaluable book to anyone who is looking to enhance their existing processes, whether due to growth in their business, compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, or just as part of their ongoing improvement process."
Martyn Webster, CPA, Director of FinanceXenoPort, Inc.

"This book is critical to running an efficient and accurate accounting department. The use of RFID technology to track documents is one of many valuable tools in this latest edition. A required read for the demanding accounting manager's role."
Jason Charet, CPA

"I've used Steve Bragg's Accounting Best Practices books for years as a source of ideas for improvement. Like the previous editions, the Fifth Edition has a number of new, actionable best practices as well as refinements of those ideas reported in previous editions. The books are broad enough in their perspective so that nearly any organization could find ideas that could pay back the cost of the book many times over."
John Temmerman, Controller, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

"What a great resource! I have been in the accounting field for over twenty years, and I was still able to gain insight into improving processes within my office. Thanks for putting it all in one book!"
Tina M. Thomas, CPA, CTP, Controller, Goodman & Company, LLP


Chapter 1 Introduction.

Chapter 2 How to Use Best Practices.

Chapter 3 Accounts Payable Best Practices.

Chapter 4 Billing Best Practices.

Chapter 5 Budgeting Best Practices.

Chapter 6 Cash Management Best Practices.

Chapter 7 Collections Best Practices.

Chapter 8 Credit Best Practices.

Chapter 9 Commissions Best Practices.

Chapter 10 Costing Best Practices.

Chapter 11 Filing Best Practices.

Chapter 12 Finance Best Practices.

Chapter 13 Financial Statements Best Practices.

Chapter 14 General Best Practices.

Chapter 15 General Ledger Best Practices.

Chapter 16 Internal Auditing Best Practices.

Chapter 17 Inventory Best Practices.

Chapter 18 Payroll Best Practices.

Appendix A Summary of Best Practices.