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Acquired Neurogenic Communication Disorders: A Clinical Perspective

Acquired Neurogenic Communication Disorders: A Clinical Perspective

Ilias Papathanasiou

ISBN: 978-1-861-56111-4

Aug 1999

268 pages

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This work provides a theoretical review, from a clinical perspective, of the nature and management of acquired neurogenic communication disorders and of the therapy such disorders require. The first section concentrates on aphasia and the second on motor speech disorders.
Section I:

Aphasia and aphasia therapy.

Aphasia therapy: a clinical framework.

Recovery of function in aphasia.

Living with aphasia: a framework for therapy interventions.

Cognitive neuropsychology and aphasia therapy: the case of word retrieval.

Section II:

Motor speech disorders.

Dysarthria: clinical features, neuroanotomical framework and assessment.

Dysarthria: an overview of treatment.

Changing ideas in apraxia of speech.

Instrumentation in the assessment and therapy of motor speech disorders: a survey of techniques and case studies with EPG.