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Acquired Speech and Language Disorders, 2nd Edition



Acquired Speech and Language Disorders, 2nd Edition

Bruce E. Murdoch

ISBN: 978-1-118-69713-9 May 2013 384 Pages


It is vital to have knowledge of the neuroanatomical structures and functional neurological mechanisms, which are disrupted in neurogenic speech/language, disordered persons in order to understand the speech/language deficits themselves.

This book provides a comprehensive coverage of the neurological basis of both the clinically recognised forms of aphasia and the various motor speech disorders, in both children and adults. It also covers more recently recognised language disorders, such as Parkinsons and related diseases, right hemisphere damage, closed-head injury, dementia, etc.  This is a perfect text for practitioners who need to understand the integration of neuroanatomy and functional neurology with the practice of speech-language pathology.

1 Neuroanatomical and neuropathological framework of speech and language 1

2 Aphasia syndromes 47

3 Subcortical aphasia syndromes 78

4 Speech-language disorders associated with traumatic brain injury 118

5 Language disorders subsequent to right-hemisphere lesions 153

6 Language disturbances in dementia syndromes 176

7 Language disorders associated with diseases of the cerebral white matter 202

8 Neurological disturbances associated with aphasia 226

9 Dysarthrias associated with upper and lower motor neurone lesions 244

10 Dysarthrias associated with extrapyramidal syndromes 271

11 Dysarthrias associated with lesions in other motor systems 303

12 Acquired childhood speech-language disorders 333

Index 370