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Action Research in Health Care

Alison Morton Cooper

ISBN: 978-0-632-04091-9 May 2000 Wiley-Blackwell 124 Pages


Action research has grown in stature in the fields of education and industry because it centres on people and their problems. Thus it necessarily shares aspects of their human frailty and apparent fickleness: it refuses to be bound by the conventional methods used to create boundaries in scientific research. In these days of clinical governance, action research provides a valuable means of developing responsible and reflective practices that takes into account the different stakeholders within a public service environment.

Action research in health care is something of a 'new age' approach, and as such it is only beginning to be recognised and acknowledged for its tremendous potential in bringing professionals and their patients and clients closer together. This book is written in response to all those of you who have struggled in vain to find a practical, concise and yet insightful account of the use of action research methods in health care practice.

Acknowledgements; Introduction; Principles of action research design; Preparing a proposal; Managing action research; Writing a valid account; Appendix: Guidelines for critiquing action research; References; Further reading; Index
"This book would be an excellent starting point for someone interested in undertaking research in practice who feels the reductionist or qualitative research method is not appropriate."

Physiotherapy Journal

"Action Research in Healthcare is a welcome addition to the literature on methods because it outlines an alternative problem-solving, collaborative approach to research. It is accessible and engages the reader..."

Health Service Journal

"Where the book really does triumph is in the provision of guidelines for critiquing action research, thus emphasizing the practical utility of the text. It is a book which should certainly be available in all nursing libraries."

Journal of Advanced Nursing

* explains the ethos and principles of action research
* demonstrates how it may be used in health care practice
* helps practitioners participate in and/or plan, carry out and evaluate their own action research studies
*author of best-selling Mentoring, Preceptorship and Clinical Supervision with Anne Palmer