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ActionScript 3.0 Bible, 2nd Edition

ActionScript 3.0 Bible, 2nd Edition

Roger Braunstein

ISBN: 978-1-118-08139-6

Feb 2011

1008 pages

Select type: E-Book



The updated edition on all the latest features and capabilities of ActionScript 3.0 and Flash Player 10.

ActionScript is a popular programming language used primarily for the development of Web sites and software. This update to the successful previous version introduces you to all the exciting new capabilities of ActionScript 3.0. You'll see how ActionScript 3.0 goes beyond its primary use of scripting Flash animations and is now an object-oriented evolution that runs ten times faster than previous versions and can be used in Adobe's new platforms, including Flex and AIR.

Hands-on instruction and step-by-step tutorials enhance your learning process as you discover everything you need to know in order to harness the power of ActionScript 3.0. You'll learn the nitty gritty of building Rich Internet Applications (RIA) and the ins and outs of putting the new features of ActionScript 3.0 to work for you.

  • ActionScript 3.0 goes beyond its original role as a scripting language and has added development features, incredible speed, and the ability to work with Flex and AIR
  • Shows you how to apply advanced graphic effects using Pixel Blender
  • Demonstrates the all-new text and typography capabilities
  • Addresses your new enhanced control over dynamic sound
  • Explains templated types and new vector data structures

ActionScript 3.0 Bible offers you a soup-to-nuts guide on all things ActionScript 3.0 so you can get started working with it immediately.

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Introduction xli

Part I: ActionScript 3.0 Language Basics 1

Chapter 1: Introducing ActionScript 3.0 3

Chapter 2: ActionScript 3.0 Language Basics 15

Chapter 3: Functions and Methods 39

Chapter 4: Object Oriented Programming 51

Chapter 5: Validating Your Program 103

Part II: Core ActionScript 3.0 Data Types 111

Chapter 6: Text, Strings, and Characters 113

Chapter 7: Numbers, Math, and Dates 125

Chapter 8: Arrays 145

Chapter 9: Vectors 167

Chapter 10: Objects and Dictionaries 181

Chapter 11: XML and E4X 191

Chapter 12: Regular Expressions 225

Chapter 13: Binary Data and ByteArrays 257

Part III: The Display List 271

Chapter 14: Visual Programming with the Display List 273

Chapter 15:Working in Three Dimensions 301

Chapter 16: Working with DisplayObjects in Flash Professional 321

Chapter 17: Text, Styles, and Fonts 329

Chapter 18: Advanced Text Layout 367

Chapter 19: Printing 399

Part IV: Event-Driven Programming 407

Chapter 20: Events and the Event Flow 409

Chapter 21: Interactivity with the Mouse and Keyboard 429

Chapter 22: Timers and Time-Driven Programming 461

Chapter 23: Multitouch and Accelerometer Input 473

Part V: Error Handling 489

Chapter 24: Errors and Exceptions 491

Chapter 25: Using the AVM2 Debugger 505

Chapter 26: Making Your Application Fault-Tolerant 523

Part VI: External Data 531

Chapter 27: Networking Basics and Flash Player Security 533

Chapter 28: Communicating with Remote Services 561

Chapter 29: Storing and Sending Data with SharedObject 571

Chapter 30: File Access 589

Part VII: Sound and Video 603

Chapter 31: Playing and Generating Sound 605

Chapter 32: Playing Video 625

Chapter 33: Capturing Sound and Video 643

Part VIII: Graphics Programming and Animation 655

Chapter 34: Geometric and Color Transformations 657

Chapter 35: Programming Vector Graphics 687

Chapter 36: Programming Bitmap Graphics 733

Chapter 37: Applying Filters 769

Chapter 38: Writing Shaders with Pixel Bender 803

Chapter 39: Scripting Animation 835

Chapter 40: Advanced 3D 855

Part IX: Flash in Context 877

Chapter 41: Globalization, Accessibility, and Color Correction 879

Chapter 42: Deploying Flash on the Web 897

Chapter 43: Interfacing with JavaScript 905

Chapter 44: Local Connections between Flash Applications 911

Index 921

ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
162Error in Text
"the new array, squaredArray, contains the results of the getSquare() function..."

should read:
"... the results of the square() function..."

276Error in Text
The printed phrase "... is at (5,2) relative to the stage's coordinate system."

should read:
"... is at (7,2) relative to ...".

431Error in Text
"Set both to true and the display object and its contents become completely non-reactive..."

"true" should be "false".