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Active Margins and Marginal Basins of the Western Pacific

Active Margins and Marginal Basins of the Western Pacific

Brian Taylor (Editor), James Natland (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66396-7 March 2013 American Geophysical Union 417 Pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 88.

This volume focuses on the volcanic, fluid, sedimentary, and tectonic processes occurring in the trencharc-backarc systems of the western Pacific—a natural regional focus for studies of these themes. The results of ocean drilling and associated site surveys in the western Pacific have brought fundamental changes to our understanding of volcanism, crustal deformation, fluid circulation, and sedimentation in active margins and marginal basins. Our goal here is to synthesize the results of ocean drilling in a multi-disciplinary manner, including a comparison of the findings from drilling legs having similar themes, and to emphasize the significance of these results to the broader geoscience community.

Taylor, Brian; Natland, James pp. ix-xii

Early arc volcanism and the ophiolite problem: A perspective from drilling in the western Pacific
Bloomer, Sherman H.; Taylor, Brian; MacLeod, Christopher J.; Stern, Robert J.; Fryer, Patricia; Hawkins, James W.; Johnson, Lynn pp. 1-30

Intrusive volcanic rocks in western Pacific forearcs
Taylor, Rex N.; Marlow, Michael S.; Johnson, Lynn E.; Taylor, Brian; Bloomer, Sherman H.; Mitchell, John G. pp. 31-43

Geochemical evolution of arc systems in the western Pacific: The ash and turbidite record recovered by drilling
Arculus, R. J.; Gill, J. B.; Cambray, H.; Chen, W.; Stern, R. J. pp. 45-65

Volcaniclastic sedimentation and volcanism during the rifting of western Pacific backarc basins
Clift, Peter D. pp. 67-96

Volcanic activity recorded in deep-sea sediments and the geodynamic evolution of western Pacific island arcs
Cambray, Hervé; Pubellier, Manuel; Jolivet, Laurent; Pouclet, André pp. 97-124

Evolution of the Lau Basin: Insights from ODP leg 135
Hawkins, James W. pp. 125-173

The Indian Ocean-type isotopic signature in western Pacific marginal basins: Origin and significance
Hickey-Vargas, Rosemary; Hergt, Janet M.; Spadea, Piera pp. 175-197

Coexistence of Indian and Pacific Oceanic upper mantle reservoirs beneath the central New Hebrides island arc
Crawford, Anthony J.; Briqueu, L.; Laporte, C.; Hasenaka, T. pp. 199-217

Origins of saline fluids at convergent margins
Martin, Jonathan B.; Kastner, Miriam; Egeberg, Per Kr. pp. 219-239

Sediment diagenesis in western Pacific basins
Torres, Marta E.; Marsaglia, Kathleen M.; Martin, Jonathan B.; Murray, Richard W. pp. 241-258

Serpentine bodies in the forearcs of western Pacific convergent margins: Origin and associated fluids
Fryer, Patricia; Mottl, Michael; Johnson, Lynn; Haggerty, Janet; Phipps, Steven; Maekawa, Hirokazu pp. 259-279

Incipient blueschist-facies metamorphism in the active subduction zone beneath the Mariana forearc
Maekawa, Hirokazu; Fryer, Patricia; Ozaki, Atsuo pp. 281-289

Sedimentation in western Pacific backarc basins: New insights from recent ODP drilling
Marsaglia, Kathleen M.; Boggs, Sam, Jr.; Clift, Peter; Seyedolali, Abbas; Smith, Randall pp. 291-314

Sedimentation in forearc basins, trenches, and collision zones of the western Pacific: A summary of results from the Ocean Drilling Program
Underwood, Michael B.; Ballance, Peter F.; Clift, Peter D.; Hiscott, Richard N.; Marsaglia, Kathleen M.; Pickering, Kevin T.; Reid, R. Pamela pp. 315-353

Paleomagnetic rotations and the Japan Sea opening
Jolivet, Laurent; Shibuya, Hidetoshi; Fournier, Marc pp. 355-369

The Philippine Sea Plate: Magnetism and reconstructions
Hall, Robert; Fuller, Michael; Ali, Jason R.; Anderson, Charles D. pp. 371-404

Closure of western Pacific marginal basins: Rupture of the oceanic crust and the emplacement of ophiolites
Rangin, Claude; Silver, Eli A.; Tamaki, Kensaku pp. 405-417