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Active and Quasi-Optical Arrays for Solid-State Power Combining



Active and Quasi-Optical Arrays for Solid-State Power Combining

Robert A. York (Editor), Zoya B. Popovic (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-14614-8 April 1997 526 Pages


A detailed and timely overview of recent developments in activequasi-optical arrays

In recent years, active quasi-optics has emerged as one of the mostdynamic fields of contemporary research--a highly unconventionalapproach to microwave and millimeter-wave power generation thatintegrates solid-state devices into a single quasi-opticalcomponent in which all devices operate in unison. This book definesand describes active quasi-optical arrays, reviews the currentstate of the art, and answers numerous basic and technicalquestions on the design, analysis, and application of thesedevices.

The contributors to this volume are leading researchers in thefield who present results and views from government, industrial,and university laboratories and offer a balanced discussion on ahigh technical level. They also offer insight into theapplicability and commercial value of this technology for militarysystems, manufacturing processes, communications, and consumerproducts. Topics presented include:
* Analysis and design methodologies for quasi-optical active arrays
* Power-added and power-combining efficiencies of quasi-opticalamplifier arrays
* Phase-shifterless beam steering in oscillator and amplifierarrays
* Integrating quasi-optical active components into a compactsubsystem
* Design and fabrication of quasi-optical oscillators, amplifiers,multipliers, and tuners
* Characterization and measurement of quasi-optical components
Quasi-Optical Power Combining (R. York).

Spatial Power Combining (M. Gouker).

Active Integrated Antennas (S. Chew & T. Itoh).

Coupled-Oscillator Arrays and Scanning Techniques (J. Lynch, etal.).

Quasi-Optical Antenna-Array Amplifiers (Z. Popovic, et al.).

Multilayer and Distributed Arrays (A. Mortazawi, et al.).

Planar Quasi-Optical Power Combining (M. Steer, et al.).

Grid Oscillators (Z. Popovic, et al.).

Grid Amplifiers (M. De Lisio & C. Liu).

Beam-Control Arrays (K. Stephan).

Frequency Conversion Grids (J. Chiao).

Quasi-Optical Subsystems (Z. Popovic & G. Johnson).

Commercial Applications of Quasi-Optics (R. Campton, et al.).