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Acute and Critical Care Nursing at a Glance

Acute and Critical Care Nursing at a Glance

Jacqui Finch (Editor), Helen Dutton (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-81517-5

Feb 2018

160 pages

Select type: Paperback


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From the publishers of the market-leading at a Glance series comes a comprehensive yet accessible overview of all the fundamental elements of acute and critical care nursing.

Acute and Critical Care Nursing at a Glance provides an introduction to the key knowledge and skills for patient assessment and problem identification, as well as how to plan, implement and evaluate care management strategies.  It also explores clinical decision-making processes and their impact on care delivery, as well as key psychosocial issues, pain management, and safe transfer.  All information is presented in a clear, double-page spread with key information accompanied by tables, illustrations, photographs and diagrams.

Key features:

  • Superbly illustrated, with full colour illustrations throughout
  • An accessible, evidence-based, introduction to a complex topic
  • Presents information structured according to the Resuscitation Council’s systematic ABCDE framework for ease of understanding
  • Accompanied by patient case studies to help apply theory to practice

Acute and Critical Care Nursing at a Glance is ideal for nursing students, healthcare assistants, and registered nurses working within the acute and critical care setting.





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Part 1: Nursing in Acute Care

1 Critical Care Without Walls                                                            

2 Recognising Risk of Deterioration:  ABCDE assessment             

3 Early Warning Tools and Care Escalation                                      

4 Hospital Acquired infection: Infection Prevention and Control  

5 Pain Management in Acute Care                                                      

6 Psychosocial Issues in Acute and Critical Care                              

7 Safe Transfer of the Acutely Unwell Patient                                  

Part 2: Airways: Maintaining Airway Patency

8 Upper Airway: Assessment and Management

9 Advanced Airway Management

10 Airway management: Tracheostomy

Part 3 Breathing: Patients with Breathing Problems

11 Respiratory Physiology: Oxygenation

12 Respiratory Physiology: Ventilation

13 Assessment of Breathing

14 Respiratory Investigations

15 Oxygen Therapy

16 Respiratory Failure

17 Breathing Problems: Obstructive Disorders

18 Breathing Problems: Lung (Parenchymal) Disorders

19 Breathing Problems: Pleural Disorders

20 Respiratory Support: Non-invasive Ventilation

21 Principles of Thoracic Surgery

Part 4 Circulation: Patients with Circulatory Problems

22 Circulatory Physiology 1: Circulation

23 Circulatory Physiology 2: the Heart and Cardiac Cycle

24 Circulatory physiology 3: Control of Circulation

25 Assessment of Circulation

26 Cardiac Investigations

27 Fluid, Electrolytes and Intravenous fluids

28 Haemodynamic monitoring

29 The Patient with Acute Chest Pain

30 12 lead ECG

31 The patient with Altered Heart Rhythm

32 Physiology of the Immune System

33 Acute Circulatory Failure 1   Distributive (Sepsis)

34 Acute Circulatory Failure 2: Distributive (Anaphylaxis and Neurogenic)

35 Acute Circulatory Failure 3: Hypovolaemia

36 Acute Circulatory Failure 4: Obstructive

37 Acute Circulatory Failure 5: Heart Failure

38 Principles of cardiac Surgery

39 Physiology of the Gastrointestinal System

40 Acute Medical and Surgical Gastrointestinal Problems

41 Physiology of the Renal System

42 Acute Kidney Injury

43 Burns: Immediate Care

44 Major Trauma

45 Resuscitation in Acute and Critical Care

Part 5: Disability: Patients with Neurological Impairment

46 Physiology of the Brain

47 Neurological Assessment

48 Neurological Impairment

49 Drug Overdose and Poisoning

50 The patient with Acute Endocrine Problems

Part 6: Exposure

51 Skin Integrity

52 Nutritional Assessment and Support

Part 7: Decision Making in Acute and Critical Care

53 Summary of Decision Making in Acute and Critical Care

54 Professional, Legal and Ethical Considerations

55 Mental Health Concerns in Acute and Critical Care

56 Last Days of Life

References and Further reading