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Addiction Reviews 2008, Volume 1141



Addiction Reviews 2008, Volume 1141

George R. Uhl (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-573-31727-6 November 2008 Wiley-Blackwell 400 Pages


Collection of review articles highlighting the top science and recent developments in the field of addiction.

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Preface: George R. Uhl.

Introduction: Nora D. Volkow.

Part I: Mechanisms of Addiction:.

1. Drug Addiction and the Memory Systems of the Brain: T.W. Robbins, K.D. Ersche, and B.J. Everitt.

2. Protein Kinases and Addiction: Anna Lee and Robert Messing.

3. Correlating Human and Animal Studies of Cocaine Abuse and Gene Expression: Melinda E. Lull, Willard M. Freeman, Kent E. Vrana, and Deborah C. Mash.

4. Genes and Molecules that can Potentiate or Attenuate Models of Psychostimulant Dependence: Relevance of Data from Animal Models to Human Addiction: Minae Niwa, Yijin Yan, and Toshitaka Nabeshima.

5. Implication of Activated Astrocytes in the Development of Drug Dependence: Differences between Methamphetamine and Morphine: Minoru Narita, Masami Suzuki, Naoko Kuzumaki, Mayumi Miyatake, and Tsutomu Suzuki.

Part II: Related Conditions:.

6. Chronic Stress, Drug Use, and Vulnerability to Addiction: Rajita Sinha.

7. ADHD and Smoking: From Genes to Brain to Behavior: Francis Joseph McClernon and Scott Haden Kollins.

8. An Update on Substance Use and Treatment following Traumatic Brain Injury: David P. Graham and Aaron L. Cardon.

9. Molecular Mechanisms of Fat Preference and Overeating: Dany Gaillard, Patricia Passilly-Degrace, and Philippe Besnard.

Part III: Imaging:.

10. Nonhuman Primate Neuroimaging and the Neurobiology of Psychostimulant Addiction: Leonard L. Howell and Kevin S. Murnane.

11. Abuse of Amphetamines and Structural Abnormalities in Brain: Steven Berman, Joseph O’Neill, Scott Fears, George Bartzokis, and Edythe D. London.

Part IV: Treatment:.

12. Antagonists at Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor Subtype 5: Structure Activity Relationships and Therapeutic Potential for Addiction: F. Ivy Carroll.

13. Disrupting Nicotine Reinforcement: From Cigarette to Brain: Jed E. Rose.

14. Substance Abuse Vaccines: Frank M. Orson, Berma M. Kinsey, Rana A. K. Singh, Yan Wu, Tracie Gardner, and Thomas R. Kosten.

15. Predicting Treatment Outcome in Stimulant Dependence: Martina Reske and Martin P. Paulus.

16. Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies for Drugs with Abuse Liability: Public Interest, Special Interest, Conflicts of Interest and the Industry Perspective: Curtis Wright IV, Sidney Schnoll, and David Bernstein.

Part V: Epidemiology:.

17. Drug Addiction in China: Lin Lu and Xi Wang.

Part VI: Genetics:.

18. Molecular Genetics of Addiction and Related Heritable Phenotypes: Genome Wide Association Approaches Identify “Connectivity Constellation” and Drug Target Genes with Pleiotropic Effects: George R. Uhl, Tomas Drgon, Catherine Johnson, Chuan-Yun Li, Carlo Contoreggi, Judith Hess, Daniel Naiman, and Qing-Rong Liu.

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