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Addiction and Recovery For Dummies

Brian F. Shaw, Paul Ritvo, Jane Irvine, M. David Lewis (Foreword by)

ISBN: 978-1-118-06998-1 May 2011 320 Pages


Evaluate medications and treatment programs

Break free from addictive substances or behaviors and get a fresh start

Think you have an addiction? This compassionate guide helps you identify the problem and work towards a healthy, realistic approach to recovery, explaining the latest clinical and self-help treatments for both adults and teens. This book also offers tips on reducing cravings, handling your relationships, and staying well for the long run.

Discover how to
* Identify the reasons for addiction
* Choose the best treatment plan
* Handle slips and relapses
* Detect addictions in a loved one
* Find help and support

Foreword xvii

Introduction 1

Part I: The Hole in the Heart: Detecting Addiction 7

Chapter 1: Addiction: What Is It? 9

Chapter 2: Substance Use, Substance Abuse, and Addiction 23

Chapter 3: Behavioral Addictions: Addictions Without Substances 35

Chapter 4: Dancing with the Tiger: The Risks of Experimenting 51

Part II: Taking Those First Steps 63

Chapter 5: Recognizing Addiction in Yourself and Others 65

Chapter 6: Assessing Your Readiness: Do You Need Help Now? 85

Chapter 7: Quitting: Easy to Say, Hard to Do 99

Part III: Examining Treatment Approaches 109

Chapter 8: Treatment Choices 111

Chapter 9: Reviewing Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment Options 123

Chapter 10: Treating Physical Dependence 145

Chapter 11: Twelve-Step Programs 163

Chapter 12: Joining Self-Help and Support Groups 173

Chapter 13: Alternative Treatments 181

Chapter 14: Teen Treatment 193

Part IV: Life in Recovery 209

Chapter 15: Overcoming Barriers to Recovery 211

Chapter 16: Handling Slips and Relapse 229

Chapter 17: Handling Work and Family During Recovery 239

Chapter 18: For Families and Friends: Ways to Make a Difference 253

Part V: The Part of Tens 267

Chapter 19: Ten Ways to Help a Friend or Loved One 269

Chapter 20: More Than Ten Self-Help Resources 275

Index 285