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Adjustment and Personal Growth: Seven Pathways, 2nd Edition

Adjustment and Personal Growth: Seven Pathways, 2nd Edition

Frank J. Bruno

ISBN: 978-0-471-09296-4 January 1983 480 Pages


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Emphasizing how to apply principles and concepts of psychology to daily life, explores adjustment and growth from seven psychological perspectives: depth psychology, behavioral psychology, cognitive psychology, transactional analysis; psychotechnology; existential-humanistic psychology; and transpersonal psychology. Completely updated to reflect contemporary concerns, this edition incorporates an Applied Explorations section at the end of each chapter to link concepts to everyday experiences. Each section also includes a Critique followed by ``Implications for Adjustments and Growth.''
Psychology, Adjustment, and Growth.

Depth Psychology: Exploring Unconscious Levels.

Behavioral Psychology: New Habits for Old Habits.

Cognitive Psychology: The Power of Clear Thinking.

Transactional Analysis: Of Strokes and Games.

Psychotechnology: From Psychosurgery to Biofeedback.

Existential-Humanistic Psychology: The Search forAuthenticity.

Transpersonal Psychology: Of Bliss and Cosmic Awareness.

Synthesis: Bringing the Pathways Together.