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Adobe® InDesign® cs Bible

Adobe® InDesign® cs Bible

Galen Gruman

ISBN: 978-0-764-54227-5

Nov 2003

992 pages

Select type: Paperback

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* Completely updated to cover the latest version of InDesign, Adobe's professional, next-generation page-layout application, which is rapidly gaining significant market share
* Fully compatible with Mac OS X, InDesign integrates tightly with Adobe's Photoshop, Illustrator, and Acrobat, delivering intuitive features that reduce elaborate design tasks to a few quick steps and providing built-in support for publishing pages in print or electronically, including seamless PDF export
* Cross-platform coverage treats both Mac and Windows versions
Foreword: InDesign’s Impact.

Foreword: The InDesign Mission.




InDesign QuickStart.

Part I: Welcome to InDesign.

Chapter 1: What InDesign Can Do for You.

Chapter 2: A Tour of InDesign.

Chapter 3: Getting InDesign Ready to Go.

Part II: Document Fundamentals.

Chapter 4: Creating, Opening, and Saving Documents.

Chapter 5: Working with Pages.

Chapter 6: Working with Layers.

Chapter 7: Creating Layout Standards.

Chapter 8: Defining Colors and Gradients.

Chapter 9: Book Publishing.

Part III: Object Fundamentals.

Chapter 10: Adding Text Frames, Picture Frames, and Lines.

Chapter 11: Manipulating Frames and Lines.

Chapter 12: Orchestrating Objects.

Chapter 13: Timesaving Techniques.

Part IV: Text Fundamentals.

Chapter 14: Preparing Text Files for Import.

Chapter 15: Working with Text.

Chapter 16: Flowing Text through a Document.

Chapter 17: Specifying Character Attributes.

Chapter 18: Specifying Paragraph Attributes.

Chapter 19: Creating Special Text Formatting.

Chapter 20: Setting Up Style Sheets.

Chapter 21: Setting Up Tabs and Tables.

Part V: Graphics Fundamentals.

Chapter 22: Preparing Picture Files for Import.

Chapter 23: Importing Pictures.

Chapter 24: Modifying Imported Pictures.

Chapter 25: Special Effects for Pictures.

Chapter 26: Drawing Free-Form Shapes and Curved Paths.

Chapter 27: Modifying Shapes and Paths.

Chapter 28: Treating Text as Artwork.

Part VI: Output Fundamentals.

Chapter 29: Preparing for Color Prepress.

Chapter 30: Preparing for Printing.

Chapter 31: Printing Techniques.

Chapter 32: Creating Output Files.

Part VII: Cross-Media Fundamentals.

Chapter 33: Interactive Document Setup.

Chapter 34: Working with XML.

Part VIII: Going Beyond the Program.

Chapter 35: Working with Others.

Chapter 36: Using Plug-Ins.

Chapter 37: Using Scripts.

Part IX: Introduction to Publishing.

Chapter 38: The Publishing Environment.

Chapter 39: Layout Theory and Practice.

Chapter 40: Typography Theory and Practice.

Chapter 41: Using Special Characters.

Chapter 42: Color Fundamentals.

Part X: Appendixes.

Appendix A: Installing or Upgrading InDesign.

Appendix B: What’s New in InDesign CS.

Appendix C: Switching from QuarkXPress.

Appendix D: Switching from PageMaker.

Appendix E: Switching to Mac OS X.

Appendix F: Using Adobe InCopy.

Appendix G: The InDesign Central Web Site.

Appendix H: Shortcuts Cheat Sheet.


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