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Adobe CS3 Web Workflows: Building Websites with Adobe Creative Suite 3

Adobe CS3 Web Workflows: Building Websites with Adobe Creative Suite 3

Joseph Lowery

ISBN: 978-0-470-26127-9

Jun 2008

336 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Maximize your potential as a web designer with Adobe CS3 Web Workflows: Building Websites with Adobe Creative Suite 3, a guide to all the tools in Adobe CS3 and how to use them together to create dynamic web pages. Understand the workflow from one product to another and learn how to use the essential techniques in each program so that you can complete your work skillfully and efficiently. Discover ways you can maximize your productivity with workflows like Photoshop to Dreamweaver, Fireworks to Dreamweaver, Flash to Dreamweaver and Photoshop to Fireworks to Bridge to Dreamweaver.
Part I. Photoshop to Dreamweaver.

1. Creating the Comp.

Initializing the Comp.

Setting Preferences.

Working with Layers.

Making Selections.

Adding Gradients.

Inserting Images.

2. Completing the Comp.

Aligning Graphic Elements.

Positioning with the Layers Palette.

Working with Text.

Applying Simple Text Labels.

Adding Headings and Blocks of Text.

Inserting Decorative Text.

Applying Effects.

3. From Comp to Layout.

Setting Up a Dreamweaver Site.

Establishing Basic Preferences.

Creating CSS Layout Styles.

Inserting div Tags.

Incorporating Background Images.

Adding a Background Image to the body.

Layering Background Images.

Bringing in Foreground Images.

Inserting and Styling Text.

Including Navigation.

Part II. Fireworks to Dreamweaver.

4. Composing with Vectors.

Getting Started in Fireworks.

Working with Vector-Based Graphics.

Adding Rounded Rectangles.

Inserting Navigation Tabs.

Drawing with the Pen Tool.

Integrating Gradients.

Integrating Bitmapped Images.

5. Comping Multipage Sites.

Working with Text.

Creating Logos and Display Text.

Adding Navigation Labels.

Including Sidebar Placeholder Content.

Comping Main Content Text.

Applying Live Filters.

Adding Pages.

Creating a Master Page

Building New Pages.

Linking Pages.

Exporting Comp Pages.

6. Combining Navigation and Layouts.

Incorporating Background Images

Creating Background Slices.

Crafting CSS Backgrounds.

Integrating Foreground Images

Slicing Foreground Graphics.

Placing Fireworks Images in Dreamweaver.

Implementing CSS Navigation.

Exporting the Navigation States.

Creating Web Standard CSS Navigation.

Part III. Flash to Dreamweaver.

7. Building Flash Intros.

Setting the Stage.

Importing Images.

Working with the Timeline.

Inserting Text.

Creating Navigation Buttons.

Making the Button Symbol.

Adding ActionScript Code.

Displaying in Dreamweaver.

8. Setting up Flash video.

Integrating video in Flash animations.

Encoding video.

Working with Playback components.

Adding Captions to Flash video.

Inserting video into Dreamweaver.

Editing Flash from Dreamweaver.

Part IV. Photoshop to Fireworks to Bridge to Dreamweaver.

9. Asset Creation and Comping.

Straightening Photos.

Aligning Crooked Shots.

Removing perspective.

Healing images.

Automatic spot healing.

Targeted sampling for healing.

Moving assets into Fireworks via Bridge.

Increasing productivity with commands.

Comping forms with rich symbols.

10. Adding Interactive Forms in Dreamweaver.

A. Additional Workflows.

Illustrator – Photoshop – Flash – Dreamweaver.

The Flow: Illustrator to Flash and Photoshop and Flash to Dreamweaver.

Dreamweaver – Contribute.

The Flow: Dreamweaver to Contribute.

Fireworks – Flash – Dreamweaver.

The Flow: Fireworks to Flash to Dreamweaver.

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