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Adobe Creative Suite 3 Bible

Adobe Creative Suite 3 Bible

Ted Padova, Kelly L. Murdock

ISBN: 978-0-470-37766-6

Feb 2008

1296 pages

Select type: E-Book



  • This is one of the few books to cover integration and workflow in depth between Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, GoLive, Acrobat, and Version Cue
  • Graphic design firms, ad agencies, and publishing houses typically use a collection of programs to build their designs for print or the Web, and this book shows readers how to effectively manage that workflow among applications
  • Provides solutions for issues that working designers or design students face every day, including developing consistent color-managed workflows, moving files among the CS3 applications, preparing files for print or the Web, repurposing documents, using CS3 with Office documents, and more
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Part I: Getting to Know the Creative Suite.

Chapter 1: Introducing the Creative Suite.

Chapter 2: Taking a Tour of the Creative Suite.

Chapter 3: Setting Preferences.

Chapter 4: Understanding User Interfaces.

Part II: Getting Started with Design Workflows.

Chapter 5: Creating Production Workflows.

Chapter 6: Creating Color-Managed Workflows.

Chapter 7: Using Adobe Bridge.

Chapter 8: Using Version Cue.

Chapter 9: Managing Adobe PDF Files.

Part III: Working with Objects and Images.

Chapter 10: Creating, Selecting, and Editing Objects.

Chapter 11: Acquiring and Correcting Images.

Chapter 12: Transforming Objects and Images.

Chapter 13: Applying Effects to Objects and Layers.

Chapter 14: Working with Layers.

Chapter 15: Automating Tasks.

Part IV: Working with Type.

Chapter 16: Working with Fonts.

Chapter 17: Working with Styles.

Chapter 18: Working with Text Frames.

Chapter 19: Working with Special Characters.

Part V: Using Creative Suite and Microsoft Office.

Chapter 20: Importing Microsoft Word Documents.

Chapter 21: Exporting Text to Microsoft Word.

Chapter 22: Working with Tables.

Chapter 23: Creating Charts and Graphs.

Chapter 24: Microsoft Office and Professional Printing.

Part VI: Working in Creative Design Workflows.

Chapter 25: Creating Review Sessions.

Chapter 26: Designing Layouts.

Chapter 27: Modifying Layouts.

Part VII: Document Repurposing.

Chapter 28: Exporting Designs for Web and Screen Viewing.

Chapter 29: Preparing Documents for Distribution.

Chapter 30: Redacting Documents.

Part VIII: Creative Suite Document Delivery Workflows.

Chapter 31: Understanding Digital Rights Management.

Chapter 32: Creating Interactive Documents.

Chapter 33: Hosting Documents on the Web.

Chapter 34: Working with PDF Forms.

Chapter 35: Creating SWF Files.

Chapter 36: Creating Slide Presentations.

Part IX: Printing and Digital Prepress.

Chapter 37: Choosing Print Setups.

Chapter 38: Commercial Printing.