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Adobe Creative Suite 5 Bible

Adobe Creative Suite 5 Bible

Ted Padova, Kelly L. Murdock

ISBN: 978-1-118-25780-7

Oct 2011

1272 pages

Select type: O-Book


Learn to use CS5 to produce better work and become a more productive designer

The newest release of Adobe Creative Suite boasts a world of must-have features and enhancements to each of its applications: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, GoLive, Acrobat, and Version Cue. Written by a duo of Adobe experts, this thorough reference focuses on the collection of programs that comprise the Creative Suite and shows you how to efficiently integrate and manage your workflow between these applications. Padova and Murdock address common issues and explain how to handle typical challenges with the intent of putting you on your way to becoming a more productive designer.

  • Popular authors Ted Padova and Kelly Murdock delve into the programs that make up the new Adobe Creative Suite 5: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, GoLive, Acrobat, and Version Cue
  • Shows you how to integrate and manage workflow among each of the Adobe applications
  • Explains how to develop consistent color-managed workflows, move files among all of the CS5 programs, prepare files for print or the Web, repurpose documents, and more

As one of the few books to cover all of the Adobe programs, Creative Suite 5 Bible is an essential resource for sharpening your skills in order to become a better designer.

Acknowledgments xxxv

Introduction xxxvi

Part I: Getting Started with Workflow Solutions 1

Chapter 1: Introducing the Adobe Creative Suite 3

Chapter 2: Taking a Tour of the Creative Suite 17

Chapter 3: Understanding User Interfaces 59

Part II: Getting Started with Design Workflows 103

Chapter 4: Creating Production Workflows 105

Chapter 5: Creating Color Managed Workflows 117

Chapter 6: Using Adobe Bridge 131

Chapter 7: Managing Adobe PDF Files 195

Part III: Working with Objects and Images 203

Chapter 8: Creating, Selecting, and Editing Objects and Images 205

Chapter 9: Using Patterns, Symbols, and Styles 307

Chapter 10: Acquiring and Correcting Images 323

Chapter 11: Transforming Objects and Images 345

Chapter 12: Applying Effects to Objects and Images 389

Chapter 13: Working with 3D Objects 437

Part IV: Working with Type 457

Chapter 14: Working with Fonts 459

Chapter 15: Working with Styles 481

Chapter 16: Working with Text Frames 543

Chapter 17: Working with Special Characters 573

Part V: Using Creative Suite and Microsoft Office 583

Chapter 18: Importing Word Processor Documents 585

Chapter 19: Exporting Text to Microsoft Word 611

Chapter 20: Working with Tables 629

Part VI: Integrating Creative Suite Documents 653

Chapter 21: Creating Adobe Flash Files 655

Chapter 22: Designing and Modifying Layouts 689

Chapter 23: Working with Layers 733

Chapter 24: Creating Web Pages 805

Part VII: Preparing Documents for Deployment 839

Chapter 25: Understanding Digital Rights Management 841

Chapter 26: Adding Interactivity to Documents 863

Chapter 27: Working with PDF Forms 913

Chapter 28: Creating Slide Presentations 963

Chapter 29: Redacting Documents 991

Part VIII: Deploying Documents 1003

Chapter 30: Getting to Know 1005

Chapter 31: Preparing Documents for Distribution 1013

Chapter 32: Sharing Files 1045

Chapter 33: Creating Review Sessions 1059

Chapter 34: Using Adobe ConnectNow for Web Conferencing 1081

Part IX: Printing and Digital Prepress 1093

Chapter 35: Choosing Print Setups 1095

Chapter 36: Commercial Printing 1137

Index 1165