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Adolescence and Health

John Coleman (Editor), Leo B. Hendry (Editor), Marion Kloep (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-72631-0 July 2011 256 Pages

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Adolescence and Health is the first comprehensive text to consider all aspects of young people’s health in the context of their lifestyles and recent major social changes, considering questions such as:

Is adolescent health getting worse?
Do adolescents need to take risks to grow and develop?
What is a healthy lifestyle for a young person?

Adolescence and Health begins by examining topics such as sexuality, eating disorders, and the use or abuse of substances, and then moves on to wider discussions including the best way to promote health or provide clinical services to a group who are neither fully adult nor children.

Following the surge in health initiatives to focus on young people in the last decade, this book provides thought provoking content and a range of teaching and learning aids, to form the most up-to-date textbook for trainee health professionals and others working with adolescents.

Preface ix

Chapter 1 Understanding Adolescent Health 1
John Coleman, Leo B. Hendry and Marion Kloep

Chapter 2 Young People: Physical Health, Exercise and Recreation 19
Ruth Lowry, John Kremer and Karen Trew

Chapter 3 Emotional Health and Well-Being 41
John Coleman

Chapter 4 Eating Disorders, Dieting and Body Image 61
Susan Faulkner

Chapter 5 Sexual Health 83
Lester Coleman

Chapter 6 Substance Use in Adolescence 107
Rutger C.M.E. Engels and Regina van den Eijnden

Chapter 7 Getting It Right in Health Services for Young People 123
Aidan Macfarlane and Ann McPherson

Chapter 8 Being Different: Adolescents, Chronic Illness and Disability 143
Peter J. Helms

Chapter 9 Transitions for Young People with Complex Health Needs 159
Janet McDonagh

Chapter 10 Health Promotion and Health Education 177
Donna Mackinnon

Chapter 11 Conclusion 199
John Coleman, Leo B. Hendry and Marion Kloep

Glossary 209

References 215

Index 231

  • Part of the new textbook series Understanding Adolescence
  • Written as a textbook with teaching and learning features
  • Most respected authors in the field of adolesence