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Adult Cardiac Surgery: Nursing Care and Management



Adult Cardiac Surgery: Nursing Care and Management

Helen Inwood

ISBN: 978-1-861-56241-8 November 2001 228 Pages


This book will answer the questions frequently asked by newly qualified nurses or nurses entering the specialty of cardiac surgery. It identifies the needs of the adult patient recovering from cardiac surgery, and focuses on the more common procedures of coronary artery bypass graft and valve surgery. The information provided will enable evidence based nursing care to support interventions in the meeting of those needs.

This text will allow nurses in this specialist area to concentrate on a high basic standard of nursing care, ensuring that the needs of the patient are not neglected in the pursuit of technological advancement. It discusses the main complications that may occur and how these can be dealt with.

Indications for surgery.

Pre-operative preparation.

Intra-operative care.

Respiratory Care.

Cardiovascular Care.

Neurological Care.

Nutrition and Hydration.

Wound drainage and urinary care.

Wound Care and Hygiene.

Psychological Care.

Rehabilitation and Care on Discharge.