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Advanced Battery Materials

Advanced Battery Materials

Ashutosh Tiwari

ISBN: 978-1-119-40755-3

Nov 2018

400 pages


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This book covers the recent advances in battery materials and their novel applications at the cross-section of advanced materials both current and next-generation, that are shaping the future of energy storage. 

Well-known researchers deliberate subjects including: 

• Design and development of lithium ion batteries: Technology innovation and challenges for electric


• Transition metal oxide based electrocatalyst for metal-air battery;

• Comprehensively account of lithium-sulfur batteries;

• Production of graphene and graphene composites from biomass starting material, formation mechanism

and end application;

• Three-dimensionally porous Li-ion and Li-S secondary battery cathodes;

• Rational structure design and performance optimization of transition metal oxide-based lithium ion

battery anodes;

• Carbon-based anode materials for sodium-ion batteries;

• Lithium titanate-based lithium-ion batteries;

• Doped graphene for electrochemical energy storage systems;

• Promising nanoscale materials as high-performance anodes in sodium-ion batteries;

• Copper-metal-sulfides for advanced batteries.