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Advanced Ceramic Coatings and Interfaces IV, Volume 30, Issue 3



Advanced Ceramic Coatings and Interfaces IV, Volume 30, Issue 3


This volume is a useful resource for understanding the most valuable aspects of advanced ceramic coatings and interfaces. Containing twelve contributed papers from the symposium, topics include vibration damping coatings, thermal and environmental barrier coating processing, testing and life modeling, non-destructive evaluation, multifunctional coatings and interfaces, highlighting the state-of-the-art ceramic coatings technologies for various critical engineering applications.

Preface vii

Introduction ix

Oxides for High Temperature Vibration Damping of Turbine Coatings 1
David R. Clarke

Enhancing the Passive Damping of Plasma Sprayed Ceramic Coatings 9
J. P. Henderson, A. D. Nashif, J. E. Hansel, and R. M. Willson

Magnesia and Yttria Based Coatings for Direct-Copper-Bonding of Silicon Nitride Ceramics 21
L. Mueller, T. Frey, A. Roosen and J. Schulz-Harder

Application of Semiconductor Ceramic Glazes to High-Voltage Ceramic Insulators 33
André L. G. Prette and Vincenzo M. Sglavo, Orestes E. Alarcon, and Marcio C. Fredel

Ceramics for Abradable Shroud Seal Applications 39
Dieter Sporer, Scott Wilson, and Mitchell Dorfman

Wear Resistance of Hard Materials in Drilling Applications 55
Jing Xu, Hendrik John, and Andreas Krafczyk

Thermal Barrier Coatings Deposited by the Faradayic EPD Process 67
Joseph Kell, Heather McCrabb, and Binod Kumar

The Influence of Thickness on the Properties of Air Plasma Sprayed Ceramic Blend at Room Temperature 75
Jason E. Hansel

Electrical and Dielectric Properties of Thermally Grown Oxide (TGO) on Fecralloy Substrate Studied by Impedance Spectroscopy 87
Fan Yang, Akio Shinmi, and Ping Xiao

Measurement of Thermal Barrier Coating Conductivity by Thermal Imaging Method 97
J. G. Sun

Thermal Residual Stress in Environmental Barrier Coated Silicon Nitride-Modeled 105
Abdul-Aziz Ali and Ramakrishna T. Bhatt

Fracture Mechanical Modelling of a Plasma Sprayed TBC System 113
Hakan Brodin, Robert Eriksson, Sten Johansson, and Sören Sjöström

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