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Advanced Ceramic Coatings and Materials for Extreme Environments III, Volume 34, Issue 3



Advanced Ceramic Coatings and Materials for Extreme Environments III, Volume 34, Issue 3


Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings Volume 34, Issue 3 - Advanced Ceramic Coatings and Materials for Extreme Environments III 

A collection of 12 papers from The American Ceramic Society’s 37th International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites, held in Daytona Beach, Florida, January 27-February 1, 2013. This issue includes papers presented in the Advanced Ceramic Coatings and Systems and Next Generation Technologies for Innovative Surface Coatings

Preface vii

Introduction ix

Progress in EBC Development for Silicon-Based, Non-Oxide Ceramics 1
C.A. Lewinsohn, H. Anderson, J. Johnston, and Dongming Zhu

Fabrication of Slurry Based Y-Si-AI-0 Environmental Barrier Coating on the Porous Si3N4 Ceramics 9
Yinchao Liu, Chao Wang, Xuefen Lu, Hongjie Wang

Creep and Environmental Durability of Environmental Barrier Coatings and Ceramic Matrix Composites under Imposed Thermal Gradient Conditions 19
Matthew Appleby, Gregory N. Morscher, and Dongming Zhu

Dynamic Oblique Angle Deposition of Nanostructures for Energy Applications 31
G.-C. Wang, I. Bhat, and T.-M. Lu

Photoinduced Hydrophilicity and Photocatalytic Properties of Nb205 Thin Films 47
Raquel Fiz, Linus Appel, and Sanjay Mathur

Hard Nanocomposite Coatings: Thermal Stability, Protection of Substrate against Oxidation, Toughness and Resistance to Cracking 55
J. Musil

Preparation of Epitaxially Grown Cr-Si-N Thin Films by Pulsed Laser Deposition 67
T. Endo, K. Suzuki, A. Sato, T. Suzuki, T. Nakayama, H. Suematsu, and K. Niihara

Influence of Oxygen Content on the Hardness and Electrical Resistivity of Cr(N,0) Thin Films 77
Aoi Sato, Toshiyuki Endo, Kazuma Suzuki, Tsuneo Suzuki, Tadachika Nakayama, Hisayuki Suematsu, and Koichi Niihara

Nanocomposite MO-CU-N Coatings Deposited by Reactive Magnetron Sputtering Process with a Single Alloying Target 89
Duck Hyeong Jung, Caroline Sunyong Lee, and Kyoung II Moon

Customized Coating Systems for Products with Added Value from Development to High Volume Production 97
T. Hosenfeldt, Y. Musayev, and Edgar Schulz

A Study on the Improvement of the Service Life of Shaft-Bushing Tribo-Systems by Plasma Sulfur Nitrocarburing Process 105
Kyoung II Moon, Hyun Jun Park, Hyoung Jun Kim, Jin Uk Kim, and Cheol Wong Byun

Microstructural Characterisation of Porous Ti02 Ceramic Coatings Fabricated by Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation of Ti 117
Po-Jen Chu, Aleksey Yerokhin, Allan Matthews, and Ju-Liang He

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