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Advanced Clinical Skills for GU Nurses

Advanced Clinical Skills for GU Nurses

Matthew Grundy-Bowers (Editor), Jonathan Davies (Co-Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-03068-4

Oct 2006

224 pages



This book has been developed to help nurses who are in nurse practitioner roles by supporting them to develop their ‘advanced practice skills’. This book is intended to build on skills and knowledge that nurses will have acquired at staff nurse level. It is intended that this book will develop skills and knowledge which until recently have been more in the medical domain, such sexual history taking and physical assessment.

Acknowledgements vii

Dedication vii

List of Contributors viii

Foreword xiv

1 Defining Advanced Practice 1
Matthew Grundy-Bowers

2 Taking a Sexual History 21
Colin Roberts

3 Male Genital Examination 34
Yaswant (Ravi) Dass

4 Female Genital Examination 42
Michelle Arnold

5 The Skin and the Lymphatic System 52
Jane Bickford

6 Examination of the Anus and Oral Cavity 63
Jennifer Browne and Matthew Grundy-Bowers

7 Legal Issues in Sexual Health 76
Jonathan Davies

8 HIV Pre- and Post-Test Discussion 91
Jane Hooker

9 Health Promotion and Sexual Health 108
Debby Price

10 Women’s Sexual Health 126
Grainne Cooney

11 Drugs and Pharmacology 163
Sonali Sonecha

12 Patient Group Directions and Nurse Prescribing 185
Cindy Gilmour and Jane Bickford

Index 203