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Advanced Composites for Aerospace, Marine, and Land Applications

Advanced Composites for Aerospace, Marine, and Land Applications

Tomoko Sano (Editor), T. S. Srivatsan (Editor), Michael W. Peretti (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-88891-9

Mar 2014

304 pages

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The papers in this volume cover a broad spectrum of topics that represent the truly diverse nature of the field of composite materials. This collection presents research and findings relevant to the latest advances in composites materials, specifically their use in aerospace, maritime, and even land applications. The editors have made every effort to bring together authors who put forth recent advances in their research while concurrently both elaborating on and thereby enhancing our prevailing understanding of the salient aspects related to the science, engineering, and far-reaching technological applications of composite materials.

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Processing and Design of Composites

Deformation Behaviour of Aluminium Alloy AA6061-10% Fly Ash Composites for Aerospace Application 3
A. Bhandakkar, R. Prasad, and S. Sastry

Effect of Composition of B4C-Aluminum Composites on Mechanical Properties and Resistance Corrosion 23
L. Vazquez, E. Hernandez, A. Altamirano, V. Cortes, E. Garfias, E. Refugio and M. Vite

Bacterial Cellulose Enhances Beta Phase in PVDF 35
V. Verma, P. Rajesh, S. Bodkhe, and S. Kamle

Geopolymer from Industrial Wastes: A Construction Material for 22nd Century 43
P. Rana, R. Dash, and R. Ganguly

Synthesis of Composite TaC-TaB2 Powders 55
B. Mehdikhani, G. Borhani, S. Bakhshi, and H. Baharvandi

Characterization of Composite Microstructures and Phases

Laser Deposited In-Situ TiC Reinforced Nickel Matrix Composites: Microstructure and Tribological Properties 67
T. Borkar, S. Gopagoni, R. Banerjee, J. Hwang, and J. Tiley

Use of Squeeze Infiltration Processing for Fabricating Micro Silica Reinforced Aluminum Alloy-Based Metal Matrix Composite 81
K. Manu, V. Resmi, T. Rajan, P. Joseph, B. Pai, and T. Srivatsan

Fabrication and Characterization of a Hybrid Functionally Graded Metal-Matrix Composite
Using the Technique of Squeeze Infiltration 91
K. Manu, V. Resmi, P. Joseph, T. Rajan, B. Pai, and T. Srivatsan

The Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys NiCo40+xAl30-x[X= 0, 3, 6, 10] 101
J. Ju, F. Xue, J. Zhou, J. Bai, and H. Liu

Metal Matrix Composites Directionally Solidified 115
A. Ares and C. Schvezov

Mechanical and Material Property Evaluation

A New Class of Metal Nanocomposites with Superior Mechanical Properties: Unusual Thermal Expansion in NbTi-Nanowires/NiTi-Matrix Composite 127
S. Hao, L. Cui, S. Wang, D. Jiang, C. Yu, D. Brown, and Y. Ren

Data-Fusion NDE for Progressive Damage Quantification in Composites 137
J. Cuadra, P. Vanniamparambil, K. Hazeli, I. Bartoli, and A. Kontsos

Progressive Failure Analysis of Polymer Composites Using a Synergistic Damage Mechanics Methodology 147
J. Montesano and C. Singh

Computational Prediction of Mechanical Properties of Glassy Polymer Blends and Thermosets
D. Rigby, P. Saxe, C. Freeman, and B. Leblanc

Multi Scale Characterization of SiC/SiC Composite Materials 173
D. Frazer, M. Abad, C. Back, C. Deck, and P. Hosemann

Processing Fracture Toughness and Damage Mechanics Studies of MMC for Aerospace 185
A. Bhandakkar, R. Prasad, and S. Sastry

Interface and Bonding of Composite Systems

Multi-Scale Modeling of Continuous Ceramic Fiber Reinforced Aluminum Matrix Composites 203
B. McWilliams and C. Yen

Development of Percussion Diagnostics in Evaluating 'Kiss' Bonds between Composite Laminates 213
S. Poveromo and J. Earthman

Enhanced Mechanical Performance of Woven Composite Laminates Using Plasma Treated Polymeric Fabrics 231
T. Walter, A. Bujanda, V. Rodriguez-Santiago, J. Yim, J. Baeza, and D. Pappas

Forming Limit Diagram of Steel/Polymer/Steel Sandwich Systems for the Automotive Industry 243
M. Harhash and H. Palkowski

The Wettability of TiCX by Titanium-Aluminum Alloys at 1758 K 255
X. Liu, X. Lv, C. Bai, and C. Li

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