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Advanced Computer-Assisted Techniques in Drug Discovery

Advanced Computer-Assisted Techniques in Drug Discovery




The use of powerful computers has revolutionized molecular design and drug discovery. Thoroughly researched and well-structured, this comprehensive handbook covers highly effective and efficient techniques in 3D-QSAR and advanced statistical analysis. The emphasis is on showing users how to apply these methods and avoid costly and time-consuming methodical errors.

Topics covered include
* combination of statistical methods and molecular modeling tools
* rational use of databases
* advanced statistical techniques
* neural networks and expert systems in molecular design

This book addresses the practitioner in industry and research, as well as the novice wishing to become acquainted with modern tools in medicinal chemistry.
3D-QSAR: The Integration of QSAR and Molecular Modeling
Rational Use of Chemical and Sequence Database
Advanced Statistical Techniques
Neural Networks and Expert Systems in Molecular Design