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Advanced Energy Materials

Advanced Energy Materials



Established in 2011, Advanced Energy Materials is an international, interdisciplinary, English-language forum of original peer-reviewed contributions on materials used in all forms of energy harvesting, conversion and storage. With a 2016 Impact Factor of 15.23, Advanced Energy Materials is a prime source for the best energy-related research. This Impact Factor confirms in numbers what was already clear from the content: that AEnM has joined Advanced Materials, Advanced Functional Materials and Small as a top-quality journal.

Advanced Energy Materials covers all topics in energy-related research:

  • organic and inorganic photovoltaics
  • batteries and supercapacitors
  • fuel cells
  • hydrogen generation and storage
  • thermoelectrics
  • water splitting and photocatalysis
  • solar fuels and thermosolar power
  • magnetocalorics
  • piezoelectronics

Advanced Energy Materials publishes invited Reviews and Progress Reports, high-impact Full Papers, and rapid Communications.

ISSN: 1614-6832 (print). 1614-6840 (online). CODEN: ADEMBC.

Volume 7. 24 Issues in 2017.

How to cite: To make sure that references to this journal are correctly recorded and resolved (for example in CrossRef, PubMed, or ISI Web of Knowledge), please use the following abbreviated title in any citations: "Adv. Energy Mater." (punctuation may vary according to the style of the citing journal).