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Advanced Materials for a Sustainable Energy Future

Advanced Materials for a Sustainable Energy Future

ISBN: 978-1-118-35901-3

Mar 2018

480 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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This textbook will lay out material suitable for comprehensive new graduate/advanced undergraduate level courses in Energy Materials. Each chapter will cover material suitable for introductory lectures on a specific class of functional energy materials.

The text will begin with a detailed introductory chapter, focusing on the underlying inorganic and materials chemistry, materials physics and materials science key to understanding all classes of energy materials.  This will then continue as a prominent theme throughout the text, creating a cohesive volume and highlighting the materials challenges common across the field of functional energy materials.

Uniquely – and importantly – this book will not only encompass future sustainable energy but also energy from fossil fuels. Until other energy sources supplant coal, oil and natural gas, the scientific, technological and socio-political challenge is clear: extract maximum energy from fossil fuels while minimising harm to the environment. Here catalytic materials’ issues are at the forefront of such challenges, and this area will also be given significant prominence.

There will also be a thorough discussion of the socio-economic and sustainability aspects, crucial to the successful development of energy materials as a viable solution for a secure global energy future