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Advanced Modal Analysis

Giuseppe Conciauro, Marco Guglielmi, Roberto Sorrentino

ISBN: 978-0-471-97069-9 February 2000 356 Pages


Authored by three renowned experts in microwave engineering, this book describes in detail a number of modern multi-modal techniques for the analysis and design of passive microwave components. It comprehensively covers modal analysis of waveguides and cavities; discusses several multi-mode procedures for the study of both basic and arbitrarily shaped waveguide junctions and finally, describes specific applications such as inductively coupled filters, waveguide couplers, metal insert and dual-mode filters. The book will be of interest to professional engineers and researchers in the microwave engineering field as well as students engaged in research at an advanced level.

Distinctive features of this book include:

* Detailed explanation of several multi-mode analysis techniques for the analysis of waveguide components based on both canonical and arbitrary waveguide profiles

* Measured versus simulated results for a number of specific application examples

* Accompanying software that allows the reader to input their own data thereby demonstrating how the techniques described can be effectively used to develop fast and accurate CAD tools
Electromagnetic Field Expansions in Waveguides.

Cavity Resonators.

Mode Matching Analysis of Planar Discontinuities.

Modal Analysis of Three-Dimensional Microwave Structures.

The BI-RME Method.

Wideband Modelling by the BI-RME Method.

Integral Equations.

Alternative Computation of Admittance Parameters.

Coupling Integrals.


Advanced Modal Analysis Download three code samples to run analyses discussed within the book.