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Advanced Nanoelectronics: Post-Silicon Materials and Devices

Advanced Nanoelectronics: Post-Silicon Materials and Devices

Muhammad Mustafa Hussain (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-81185-4

Oct 2018

254 pages



Brings novel insights to a vibrant research area with high application potential?covering materials, physics, architecture, and integration aspects of future generation CMOS electronics technology

Over the last four decades we have seen tremendous growth in semiconductor electronics. This growth has been fueled by the matured complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology. This comprehensive book captures the novel device options in CMOS technology that can be realized using non-silicon semiconductors. It discusses germanium, III-V materials, carbon nanotubes and graphene as semiconducting materials for three-dimensional field-effect transistors. It also covers non-conventional materials such as nanowires and nanotubes. Additionally, nanoelectromechanical switches-based mechanical relays and wide bandgap semiconductor-based terahertz electronics are reviewed as essential add-on electronics for enhanced communication and computational capabilities.

Advanced Nanoelectronics: Post-Silicon Materials and Devices begins with a discussion of the future of CMOS. It continues with comprehensive chapter coverage of: nanowire field effect transistors; two-dimensional materials for electronic applications; the challenges and breakthroughs of the integration of germanium into modern CMOS; carbon nanotube logic technology; tunnel field effect transistors; energy efficient computing with negative capacitance; spin-based devices for logic, memory and non-Boolean architectures; and terahertz properties and applications of GaN.

-Puts forward novel approaches for future, state-of-the-art, nanoelectronic devices
-Discusses emerging materials and architectures such as alternate channel material like germanium, gallium nitride, 1D nanowires/tubes, 2D graphene, and other dichalcogenide materials and ferroelectrics
-Examines new physics such as spintronics, negative capacitance, quantum computing, and 3D-IC technology
-Brings together the latest developments in the field for easy reference
-Enables academic and R&D researchers in semiconductors to "think outside the box" and explore beyond silica

An important resource for future generation CMOS electronics technology, Advanced Nanoelectronics: Post-Silicon Materials and Devices will appeal to materials scientists, semiconductor physicists, semiconductor industry, and electrical engineers.
High-k/Metal Gate Planar and Non-Planar Silicon CMOS
Alternative Channel materials: SiGe, III-V Semiconductors
1D Materials: Carbon Nanotubes, Nanowires
2D Materials: Graphene, Dichalcogenides
Tunnel FET
Negative Capacitance FET
THz Electronics
Mott FET
Ferroelectric FET
Piezotronic Transistors
Spin FET