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Advanced Options Course

Advanced Options Course

Price Headley

ISBN: 978-1-118-62694-8

Jul 2013

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A multi-DVD set that offers full coverage of advanced options trading

This combined set of DVDs from Price Headley, founder of, provides keen insight on virtually all aspects of options trading. Offering comprehensive coverage for traders and active investors, the set includes:

  • Automate Your Option Trading: The Secrets to Generating Winning Trades, which offers a simple and proven approach to building a personal trading system that minimizes losses and locks in big wins
  • Profiting from Big Trends: Using Options to Catch Big Market Moves, which offers a system for identifying stocks before they make big moves with precise market entry and exit rules
  • The 7 "Golden Rules" for Option Trading Success, which presents a powerful seven-step program for weathering any market event and profiting along the way
  • High-Impact Options Trading: Option Profits Through Superior Stock Selection, a hands-on workshop for improving market timing and trading skills, including advice on spotting trends, targeting good stocks, and using indicators effectively
  • Using Option Charts to Boost Trading Profits, which offers a unique options trading system that uses simple charting techniques taken from

Together, these DVDs offer a comprehensive education on all of the ins and outs of options trading from one of the biggest names in the field.