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Advanced Professional Cooking, College Edition

Advanced Professional Cooking, College Edition

Wayne Gisslen

ISBN: 978-0-471-83683-4 July 1992 672 Pages


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Takes students as well as lovers of food preparation beyond the basics to more complex recipes, subtler preparation and plating techniques. It includes both color and black and white photographs to illustrate concepts. Following two introductory chapters which detail the development of modern cookery, modern cooking styles, mise en place, finishing, and presentation, it goes on to cover sauces; soups; first courses; fish and other seafood; poultry and feathered game; beef, lamb, pork and veal; variety meats, sausages and game; vegetables; and cold foods. Recipes are given in two quantities--4 and 16 portions.
Chapter 1. The Modern Kitchen.

Chapter 2. Introduction to Advanced Cooking.

Chapter 3. Sauces.

Chapter 4. Soups.

Chapter 5. Salads, Pastas, and Other First Courses.

Chapter 6. Fish and Other Seafood.

Chapter 7. Poultry and Feathered Game.

Chapter 8. Beef, Lamb, Pork, and Veal.

Chapter 9. Miscellaneous Meats.

Chapter 10. Vegetables.

Chapter 11. Cold Foods.

Appendix 1: Basic Recipes.

Appendix 2: Measurement.