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Advanced Strategies for Option Trading Success



Advanced Strategies for Option Trading Success

James B. Bittman

ISBN: 978-1-118-63316-8 April 2013


Run time: 90 min. If you're ready to move beyond option trading basics, you're ready for this detailed workshop from the CBOE's top options trainer. James Bittman has written books, taught courses-and now he comes directly to you-with powerful advanced strategies for taking your options trading to higher levels of success. Discover winning methods for ...

  • Perfecting the 3-part forecast-a basic requirement of every options trade
  • Fine tuning the art of profit analysis: Is this trade worth doing?
  • Using straddles, time spreads, diagonal spreads, ratio trades, and other intricate strategies
  • Understanding the Greeks-Delta, Gamma, Vega and how they affect option pricing
  • Determining proper trading units
  • Adjusting psychologically to the concept of loss

You'll learn the importance of implied volatility in pricing puts and calls, why seemingly good option strategies often go awry - even when the underlying asset moves as expected. You'll benefit from Bittman's methods for selecting the right strategy for a given market-and the right option for each strategy.

Even if you've read Bittman's bestseller Trading Index Options, this powerful video brings the best of Bittman right to you-in a one-on-one course that's sure to improve your trading acumen, and ultimately, your trading profits.