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Advanced and Refractory Ceramics for Energy Conservation and Efficiency



Advanced and Refractory Ceramics for Energy Conservation and Efficiency


This volume contains a collection of 19 papers from the 11th International Symposium on Ceramic Materials and Components for Energy and Environmental Applications (CMCEE-11), June 14-19, 2015 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Papers were presented in the below five symposia from Track 2 on the topic of Ceramics for Energy Conservation and Efficiency:

  • Advanced Ceramics and Composites for Gas Turbine Engines
  • Advanced Refractory Ceramic Materials and Technologies
  • Advanced Ceramic Coatings for Power Systems
  • Energy Efficient Advanced Bearings and Wear Resistant Materials
  • Advanced Nitrides and Related Materials for Energy Applications
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Damage of Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMCs) During Machining Operations 3
R. Goller and A. Rösiger

CMCS: The Key for Affordable Access to Space 11
Johannes Petursson and Luis Gonzalez

Numerical Determination of Effects of Temperature on Infiltration Dynamics of Liquid-Copper and Titanium/Solid-Carbon System 21
Khurram Iqbal

Oxidation and High Temperature Resistance of SiC/SiC Composites by NITE-Method 29
Daisuke Hayasaka, Hirotatsu Kishimoto, Joon-Soo Park, and Akira Kohyama

High Performance SiC/SiC Component by NITE-Method and Its Application to Energy and Environment 37
A. Kohyama, D. Hayasaka, H. Kishimoto, and J. S. Park

Ceramic Matrix Composites: Concurrent Development of Materials and Characterization Tools 53
G. Ojard, I. Smyth, Y. Gowayed, U. Santhosh, and J. Ahmad

Fabrication of EBC System with Oxide Eutectic Structure 65
Shunkichi Ueno, Kyosuke Seya, and Byung-Koog Jang


The Use of Advanced Ceramic Materials in Oil and Gas Applications 75
Richard A. Clark and Andrew J. Goshe

Microstructure and Elastic Properties of Highly Porous Mullite Ceramics Prepared with Wheat Flour 83
E. Gregorová, W. Pabst, and T. Uhlíová

The Use of Advanced Refractory Ceramic Materials to Address Industrial Energy Efficiency Challenges 95
J. G. Hemrick

An Approach for Modeling Slag Corrosion of Lightweight Al2O3-MgO Castables in Refining Ladle 101
Ao Huang, Huazhi Gu, Zou Yang, Lvping Fu, Pengfei Lian, and Linwen Jin

Microstructure, Elastic Properties and High-Temperature Behavior of Silica Refractories 113
W. Pabst, E. Gregorová, T. Uhlíová, V. Neina, J. Kloužek, and I. Sedláová

Cement Free Magnesia Based Castables versus Magnesia-Spinel Bricks in Cement Rotary Kilns 125
Jérôme Soudier

Evaluation of Reoxidation Tendency of Refractory Materials in Steel Metallurgy by a New Test Method Based on Carrier Gas Hot Extraction 139
Almuth Sax, Lisa Redecker, Stephan Clasen, Peter Quirmbach, and Christian Dannert

Ceramic and Metal-Ceramic Components with Graded Microstructure 149
U. Scheithauer, E. Schwarzer, C. Otto, T. Slawik, T. Moritz, and A. Michaelis


High Speed Formation of Fine Ceramic Layers by Nanoparticles Filler Rod Thermal Spraying 163
Soshu Kirihara and Kazuto Takai

Development of Silicon Nitride Bearing Components by Powder Injection Molding using a Novel Binder System 169
Zhang Weiru, Zheng Yu, Wang Tengfei, Li Bin1, Zou Jingliang, Wei Zhonghua, Zhang Zhe, Sun Feng, and Pompe Robert


Stability of alpha-Alumina Photonic Structures Formed at Low Temperatures Utilizing Chromia-Seeding 179
Robert M. Pasquarelli, Martin Waleczek, Kornelius Nielsch, Gerold A. Schneider, and Rolf Janssen

Polymer Derived Glass Ceramic Layers for Corrosion Protection of Metals 187
Milan Parchovianský, Gilvan Barroso, Ivana Petríková, Gunter Motz, Dagmar Galusková, and Dušan Galusek

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