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Advances in Ceramic Armor V, Volume 30, Issue 5

Advances in Ceramic Armor V, Volume 30, Issue 5


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The Armor Ceramics Symposium provides an annual forum for the presentation and discussion of unclassified information and ideas pertaining to the development and incorporation of ceramic materials for armor applications. This collection of articles from the seventh edition of this symposium focused on Impact, Penetration and Material Modeling, Material Concepts, Processes and Characterization, the Application of NDE, and Transparent Armor.


Impact, Penetration and Material Modeling.

Fragmentation of Ceramics in the Ballistic Environment. (Dennis E. Grady).

Flow Behavior of GLass at the Tip of a Penetrator. Rheology of Powder and Porous Media In Modeling of Penetration into Porous Ceramic. (D.A. Shockey, D. Bergmannshoft, D.R. Curran, and J. W. Simons).

Computer Modeling of Shock Wave Propagation in SiC-Sample. (B.A. Galonov, V.V. Kartuzov, and S.M. Ivanov).

Ballistic IMpact Damage Observations in a Hot-pressed Boron Carbide. (V.L. Bekenev, V.V. Kartuzov, E.V. Kartuzov, and H.V. Hachataian).

Characterization of Mictrostructural Damgae in Silicon Carbide Processed via Modified Chemical Vapor Deposition. (J.C. LaSalvia, R.B. Leavy, J.R. Houskamp, H.T. Miller, D.E. MacKenzie, and J. Campbell).

Material Concepts, Processes and Characterization.

Effects of Grain Size, Shape and Second Phases on Properties of Sintered SiC.  (H.T. Miller, J.C. LaSalvia, R.B. Leavy, and D.E. MacKenzie).

Indenter Elastic Modulus and Hertzian Ring Crack Iniation. (K.T. Strong, Jr., A.A. Wereszezak, and W.L. Dalez, and O. M. Jadaan).

High Frequency Ultrasound of Alumina for High Strain-Rate Applications. (S. Bottiglieri and R.A. Haber).

The effect of Particle Size, Particle Loading and Thermal Processing Conditions on the Properties of Alumina Reinforced Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites. (Allyn L. McCormick, Michael K. Aghajanian, Andrew L. Marshall).

Pressureless Sintering of B4C-SiC Composites for Armor Applications. (Rosa Marla da Rocha, Francisco C. L. de Melo).

Applications of NDE.

A Portable Microwave Interference Scanning System for Nondestructive Testing of Multi-Layered Diclectric Materials. (K.F. Schmidt, Jr., J.R. Little, Jr., W.A. Ellingson, and W.Green).

Destructive Testing and Nondestructive Evaluation of Alumina Structural Ceramics. (Raymond E. Brennan, William H. Green, James M. Sands).

Nondestructive Evaluation of as Fabricated and Damged Encapsulated Ceramics. (William H. Green, Raymond Brennan, and Robert H. Carter).

Microstructural Study of Sintered SiC via High Fequency Ultrasound Spectroscopy. (A.R. Portune and R.A. Haber).

Impact Damage Analysis in a Level III Flexible Body Armor Vest using XCT Diagnostics. (Joe Wells. Nevin Rupert, and Murray Neal).

Transparent Armor.

Impact onto Glass and Glass Ceramic Bars. (Stephan Bless, John Tolman, Scott Levinson, and Ian Polyzois).

Numerical Study of the Effect of Surface Stresses of Transparent Ceramics of Laminated Targets for Military Armor Applications. (Costas G. Fountzoulas, James M. Sands, Gary Gilda, Parimal J. Patel).

Analyses of Various Damage Mechanisms in Transparent Armor Subject to Projectile Impact. (Kevin C. Lai, Xin Sun, and Douglas W. Templeton).

Pressureless Reaction of Sintering of AION Using Aluminum Orthophospage as a Transient Liquid Phase. (Michael Bakas, Henry Chu).

Alon Transparent Armor. (Lee M. Goldman, Robyn Foti, Mark Smith, Uday Kashalikar, and Suri Sastri).

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