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Advances in Ceramic Armor VI, Volume 31, Issue 5



Advances in Ceramic Armor VI, Volume 31, Issue 5

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The Armor Ceramics Symposium was held January 25-27, 2010 in Daytona Beach, FL as part of the 34th International Conference & Exposition on Advanced Ceramics and Composites.  The 8th edition of this symposium consisted of over 65 oral and poster presentations on topics such as Impact, Penetration and Material Modeling, Boron Carbide, Silicon Carbide, Dynamic Material Behavior, Transparent Materials and NDE Applications.  The symposium continues to foster discussion and collaboration between academic, government and industry personnel from around the globe. 



Preface ix

Introduction xi

Inspecting Composite Ceramic Armor Using Advanced Signal Processing Together with Phased Array Ultrasound 1
J. S. Steckenrider, W. A. Ellingson, E.R. Koehl, and T. J. Meitzler

A Comparison of NDE Methods for Inspection of Composite Ceramic Armor 13
W. A. Ellingson and E.R. Koehl, T. J. Meitzler, L. P. Franks, and J. S. Steckenrider

NDT Characterization of Boron Carbide for Ballistic Applications 25
Dimosthenis Liaptsis, Ian Cooper, Nick Ludford, Alec Gunner, Mike Williams, David Willis, Colin Roberson, Lucian Falticeanu, and Peter Brown

Advanced Nondestructive Ultrasound Characterization of Transparent Spinel 37
A. R. Portune and R. A. Haber

Optimization of a Portable Microwave Interference Scanning System for Nondestructive Testing of Multi-Layered Dielectric Materials 47
K. F. Schmidt, Jr., J. R. Little, Jr., W. A. Ellingson, L. P. Franks, and W. Green

Corrective Techniques for the Ultrasonic Nondestructive Evaluation of Ceramic Materials 57
S. Bottiglieri and R. A. Haber

Quantitative Evaluation of Structural Damage in Lightweight Armor Materials Via XCT 69
William H. Green, Kyu C. Cho, Jonathan S. Montgomery, and Herbert Miller

Static and Dynamic Properties of Mg/Ceramic MMCs 79
M. K. Aghajanian, A. L. McCormick, A. L. Marshall, W. M. Waggoner, and P. K Karandikar

Impact Study of AIN-AION Composite 87
Kakoli Das, Monamul Haque Dafadar, Rajesh Kumar Varma, and Sampad Kumar Biswas

Ballistic Evaluation and Damage Characterization of Metal-Ceramic Interpenetrating Composites for Light Armor Applications 97
Hong Chang, Jon Binner, and Rebecca Higginson

Effect of an Interface on Dynamic Crack Propagation 105
Hwun Park and Weinong Chen

Dynamic Equation of State and Strength of Boron Carbide 115
Dennis E. Grady

Multiscale Modeling of Armor Ceramics 143
Reuben H. Kraft, Iskander Batyrev, Sukbin Lee, A. D. Rollett, and Betsy Rice

Future Transparent Materials Evaluated through Parametric Analysis 159
Costas G. Fountzoulas and James M. Sands

Nano-Processing for Larger Fine-Grained Windows of Transparent Spinel 167
Andreas Krell, Thomas Hutzler, Jens Klimke, and Annegret Potthoff

Experimental Methods for Characterization and Evaluation of Transparent Armor Materials 183
E. Strassburger, M. Hunzinger, J. W. McCauley, and P. Patel

Method for Producing SiC Armor Tiles of Higher Performance at Lower Cost 199
Bhanu Chelluri, Edward Knoth, Edward Schumaker, and Lisa P. Franks

Development of Biomorphic SiSiC- and C/SiSiC-Materials for Lightweight Armor 207
Bernhard Heidenreich, Matteo Crippa, Heinz Voggenreiter Elmar Straßburger, Heiner Gedon, and Marco Nordmann

Influence of Impurities on Stacking Fault Dynamics in SiC under External Loading 221
Vladislav Domnich and Richard A Haber

Evolution of the AIN Distribution during Sintering of Aluminium Nitride Doped Silicon Carbide 231
N. Ur-rehman, P. Brown, and L. J. Vandeperre

Microstructure, Mechanical Properties, and Performance of Magnesium Aluminum Boride (MgAIB14) 239
Michael L. Whittaker, Raymond A. Cutler, James Campbell, and Jerry La Salvia

Microstructural Development and Phase Changes in Reaction Bonded Boron Carbide 251
P. G. Karandikar, S. Wong, G. Evans, and M. K. Aghajanian

Author Index 261