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Advances in Ceramic Armor VII, Volume 32, Issue 5



Advances in Ceramic Armor VII, Volume 32, Issue 5

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This book is a collection of papers from The American Ceramic Society's 35th International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites, held in Daytona Beach, Florida, January 23-28, 2011. This issue includes papers presented in the Armor Ceramics Symposium on topics such as Manufacturing; High-Rate Real-Time Characterization; Microstructural Design; Nondestructive Characterization; and Phenomenology and Mechanics of Ceramics Subjected to Ballistic Impact.

Preface ix

Introduction xi


The Influence of Temperature and Confinement Pressure on the Dynamic Response of Damaged Borosilicate Glass 3
Xu Nie and Weinong W. Chen

The Strain-Rate Dependence of the Hardness of AIN Doped SiC 11
N. Ur-rehman, P. Brown, and L. J. Vandeperre

Static and Dynamic Indentation Response of Ion-Armor Glass 21
Phillip Jannotti and Ghatu Subhash, and Arun Varshneya


Transparent Armor for the New Standard in Battlefield Performance 29
Kathie Leighton, John Carberry, Wiktor Serafin, Terranee Avery, and Douglas Templeton

Characterization of Residual Stresses in SiC Based Ceramic Tiles 43
Brian Munn, Keyu Li, James Zheng, and Karl Masters


Microstructural Design for Si-B4C-Diamond System 61
P. G. Karandikar and S. Wong

Fabrication of High Volume Fraction SiCp/AI Metal Matrix Composites 71
Ryan McCuiston, Sukunthakan Ngernbamrung, Kannigar Dateraksa, Kuljira Sujirote, Jessada Wannasin, and Trinnamet Sungkapun

Densification and Microstructural Properties of Boron-Carbide in Spark Plasma Sintering 81
M. F. Toksoy and R. A. Haber

Modeling Heat Transfer During Sublimation Growth of Silicon Carbide Single Crystals by Physical Vapor Transport 91
J. B. Allen, C. F. Cornwell, N. J. Lee, C. P. Marsh, J. F. Peters, and C. R. Welch

Development of Nano Zirconia Toughened Alumina for Ceramic Armor Applications 103
S. Huang, J. Binner, B. Vaidhyanathan, P. Brown, C. Hampson and C. Spacie

Microstructure Property Relationship in Cermic Armor Materials 115
Douglas M. Slusark and R.A. Haber


Ultrasonic Nondestructive Characterization and its Correlation to Alumina Microstructure 129
S. Bottiglieri and R. A. Haber

Low Velocity Impact Damage Characterization of Transparent Materials 139
Raymond E. Brennan and William H. Green

Comparison of Penetration Damage in Novel Mg Specimens via Computed Tomography 151
William H. Green and Kyu C. Cho

Application of a Miniaturized Portable Microwave Interference Scanning System for Nondestructive Testing of Composite Ceramic Armor 163
K. F. Schmidt, Jr., J. R. Little, Jr., W. A. Ellingson, Lisa Prokurat Franks, Thomas J. Meitzler, and W. Green

Statistical Quantification and Sensitivity Prediction of Phased-Array Ultrasonic Data in Composite Ceramic Armor 173
J. S. Steckenrider, T.J. Meitzler, Lisa Prokurat Franks, and W. A. Ellingson

Ultrasonic Nondestructive Characterization of Oil-Based Clay 185
V. DeLucca and R. A. Haber